Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming 7.1 Dolby Surround Headset Review

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ireless headphones are a wonderful, exciting way to totally disrupt your grueling gaming sessions. Don’t get me wrong. They are an indispensable tool in my PC gaming arsenal. But in the wrong hands, absolutely nothing will get done in the game world. Sure your teammates can speak to you from anywhere their remote headset will allow. But they can only contribute through non-essential banter while they make themselves another Nuttella sandwich in the kitchen–far away from the virtual war.

Logitech is on deck with a new wireless set of cans for the wandering gamer. Today we review the refreshed Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround. It’s another USB connected 7.1 simulated sound option via the Logitech software. But this one features programmable buttons, which can be customized with various commands and multi-button macros using the downloadable software suite.


The unit ships with the main G930 headset, USB wireless adapter, Charging Base with mini USB charging cable and the user documentation. The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the smaller units we’ve tested in this class. They do use an over-ear design. Drivers are 40mm or 50mm. Nothing on the site or in the documentation on this. Driver type is also unknown. But these are not as wide as many other over-ear headphone offerings of this type. The look good when worn and do not give the feeling of wearing a helmet like other larger headphones.


The design is of a noticeably higher grade than the G430 and G230 headphones we’ve tested thus far. The padding on the ears is covered in comfortable faux leather, not the more abrasive cloth style used on the aforementioned headsets. There is a nice crimson band that separates the ear cushions from the outside plastic. The entire unit is mostly black so the red highlights stand out well. The mic can be flipped up out the way and this time it actually mutes the microphone. Very nice! A red LED inidicator lets you know when the mic is in a muted state. There are 3-large buttons on the left side. Below those we have the mute button and volume dial. On the same left ear piece, found toward the back, we the power button and Dolby Digital 7.1 switch. It all makes for a handsome and intuitive pair of cans. But additional color options would have been a nice touch to this series.


The Logitech G930 7.1 Dolby headset is quite good. I just wish we had an optical digital cable option for connection to your PC. USB is adequate and when paired with the downloadable software the sound quality is impressive. To get it going, connect the USB adapter into the charging base. Then connect the base to your PC via USB. Yet with most USB 7.1 offerings, volume is again hampered when compared to some like Razer’s Tiatmat 7.1 or Creative Recon 3D Gaming 7.1 headset. Positional audio is laudable with footsteps and movements identifiable based on direction. But most folks have enough USB devices. I want my 7.1 audio devices connecting through some other means, like a fiber optic cable for true 7.1 sound.


But the other features and comfort make the G930 a one-of-kind solution. Using the Logitech gaming software you can adjust the equalizer, volume and also mute. You can test each of the 7-speakers and assign functions, commands or programs to launch when any of the 3-programmable buttons are pressed. I two set for Play and Skip tracks/scenes for my media devices. The third is set as a push-to-talk button for voice chat programs like Teamspeak. This is a wildly enjoyable feature. Under a separate profile I have each of the buttons assigned to launch some my more frequented programs. It’s very handy.


Bottom Line: So the Logitech G930 Headset offers great sound, booming bass (which was surprise), significant positional audio and great clarity even in a game like BF3 where a cacophony of sounds converge and vie for an ear’s attention. I was even commended on the mic clarity. Battery life will tap out at about 8-10 hours depending on range and usage. Speaking of which the range is about average. Not as far reahcing as the the Skullcandy set… But it approximately matches that of the Astro A50, Creative Vengeance 2000 and the Creative Tactical Recon 3D. Of those the Creative set is the superior offering with the Astro A50 and the Logitech Unit sharing a heated 2nd place. Third I give to Corsair. Audio performance is quite amazing on each of these. But features and durability hamper the Corsair and A50 set.


Release Date: Available now
Price: $99
Weight: 1.8lbs
Model #: 981-000257
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Great simulate 7.1 audio. Dolby surround sound is awesome! Immensely comfortable so much so I forgot to mention. Mic lifts for mute and convenience. 3-Programmable buttons feature is an amazing additions. Full length EQ. Decent rang and battery life.


Simulate 7.1 via software.


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    James Pikover

    I love the G930′s. I’ve tested countless headsets and absolutely adore this pair from Logitech. The only way it would be better is if it worked across consoles. I challenge any company to make a better headset.

    James Pikover

    I love the G930′s. I’ve tested countless headsets and absolutely adore this pair from Logitech. The only way it would be better is if it worked across consoles. I challenge any company to make a better headset.

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