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Seido Surface case

After all the praise and adulation are said and done, there is still one seriously unnerving gripe I have with HTC’s latest darling. The HTC One looks so good–I just want to keep her naked. That may be a great problem to have from the standpoint of HTC. But we consumers must choose wisely in how we cover the all-metal all-sexy HTC One. You want to protect her like a daughter while somehow letting her strut her assets like the rock star she is.

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Enter the Surface Combo with Metal Kickstand protective case for the HTC One. The case drapes the one in a hard shell case while taking steps and carving out a shell that makes sure not to let all the sexy bits hang out. The cool dual grilles for the front facing speakers are visible as is the thin bezel for the display so the edge-to-edge illusion is preserved. Plus this is a fairly thin case that doesn’t add unwanted bulk to an already hefty phone. Plus the case snaps into a secure holster for easy hip-side transport.

Seido Surface case_2The package contains both the Surface protective case with metal kickstand on the back and the Surface holster. The Surface is split in two pieces which slide over the HTC One. The case is about 0.2cm thick and is strategically carved so you have easy access to all the buttons and ports. It looks very cool, so thin. The kickstand on the rear only works for landscape viewing. That means it’s not at all good for BlinkFeed perusing, as it only scrolls up/down in portrait view. But the kickstand flips out easily and is also magnetic so it snaps in and stays tucked away nicely, making it great for checking out your favorite multimedia content on the phone. This includes photo slideshows, Youtube and other videos, web surfing and the like.

Seido Surface case_3The holster adds some welcome utility as well. It’s lined with felt in the interior to help keep that stylish metal back free of scrapes and scratches. There is a clip at the top that allows for simple access where you can snap the phone into place or release it with a single hand. The belt clip also swivels in seven different directions.

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Bottom Line: The Seido Surface is a really solid case for the HTC One. It preserves all the attractive bits while keeping the phone securely protected with its 0.2cm thin case. You can find the Seido Surface sold with or without the Surface Holster. Full combo package with hit you for another $20 bucks. If you can spare it, it comes highly recommended.


Price: $54.95
Size: Fits HTC. 0.2cm thick
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Protects the One and preserves it's good looks. Rugged. Included holster. Metal magnetic kickstand. All ports and buttons easily accessible.


Kickstand landscape viewing not good for digesting BlinkFeed content or anything else that doesn't support landscape viewing


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