8 Must Have Devices This Holiday That Are Sure To Simplify and Improve Your Life (sponsored/list)

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If done correctly, one can significantly optimize their life by the very use of a smartphone. However, some may argue that our always on society has turned us into apathetic couch potatoes. I detest such claims. By carefully choosing the correct devices, I believe anyone can improve their life and all the while reduce the time spent managing what are otherwise rudimentary tasks.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone

Samsung Galaxy S4

As mentioned, it all starts with a smartphone. And in this case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most robust phones available today thanks to its nimble processor and exceptionally solid 5-inch screen. Moreover, it boasts all of the connectivity one could ask for, including LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

2. Misfit Shine

misfit shine

Thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign to the tune of $846,000, the Misfit Shine is one of the most elegant (and small) fitness trackers you can buy today. It syncs to your smartphone over Bluetooth, and automatically tracks your movement as you move throughout the day. Exercise? No problem. The Shine can also keep tabs on those that swim, run, play tennis and more. It even can track your sleeping habits.

3. Chromecast


First off, the Chromecast is just $35. And because of the price alone it’s a no brainer. Moreover, it works with any computer running Chrome, allowing you to beam your browser’s contents directly to your TV. It’s also compatible with a variety of smartphones and apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Connectivity comes by way of WiFi, while your smartphone or tablet can serve merely as a remote control.

4. Xbox One Console + Call of Duty: Ghosts

Xbox One: Worst Features

Set to launch in just 7 days time, the Xbox One with COD: Ghosts is the next-gen gaming console that will not only let you play some of the greatest games, but will also serve as a media box for all of your TV and movie watching needs. Unlike the last Xbox, the Xbox One includes a new Kinect camera that lets you not only log into the system using your face, but it can be used to play games and chat over Skype to friends, family and fellow gamers.

5. Sonos Play:1 Wireless Music System

Sonos Play 1 -004

Small, powerful and humidity resistant make the Sonos Play:1 speaker a top choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or even next to a bed. The Play:1 connects to your home’s WiFi network and using your Samsung Galaxy S4 you can play back music from a vast variety of sources, including Pandora, Spotify and many more. And if single Play:1 isn’t enough, you can always by more and spread them throughout your house.

6. Sonos Playbar and SUB

Sonos Playbar-001

To simplify the audio experience at home even more, I suggest also picking up the Sonos Playbar and SUB. The Playbar is Sonos’ Soundbar that boasts 9 speakers and can playback Dolby Digital movies as if they were full surround. And for added oomph you can pick up the ground shattering SUB, which plays complement to both the Playbar and Play:1 – the Play:1s, if so desired can serve as rear speakers and provide a complete surround experience.

7. Lockitron


There are plenty of smart deadbolts to choose from, but none are as simple to use and setup as the Lockitron. This deadbolt fits over your door’s existing hardware and after connecting it to your home’s WiFi, you can unlock your front door simply by opening the app and tapping a button. Sharing locks with is ultra simple, allowing you to provide access to guests even though you’re not home. The Lockitron is set to ship any day now.

8. Philips HUE

Philips Hue

So you’ve got your music covered, the front door that can be opened with a smartphone, and the ability to beam YouTube shows to your TV set. So it only stands to reason that you should be able to influence your home’s lighting system. Look no further than the Philips HUE. You can snag a set of 4 bulbs for $200, which includes a bridge that connects the LED efficient bulbs to your home’s network with very little setup. With the smartphone app downloads you can then control their color and brightness with the swipe of a finger.

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    Not into games or samsung phones so no comment on the phone or XBox… however, the rest of this stuff is either overpriced or under-featured or both. The lockitron is butt-ugly. The fitness monitor doesn’t do heart rates so who needs it? The hues light kit is way overpriced (I’m a lighting guy too). And as far as sonos goes, it sounds okay… if you like the way plastic boxes sound. The sound bar has some wood in it, but it’s overpriced. Love the design of the sonos subwoofy but it’s also overpriced.

    These are neato gadgets for people with non-discriminating tastes.


    XBox One won the console wars, thank you South Park for clearing that up for everyone so that the appropriate console makes the gift list. Xbox One all the way, digging mine, and know that the right choice was made. Booyakasha.


    the topic is “Must Haves”… not “Avoids”


    Wheres the PS4?????

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