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nees, elbows, you name it, and they’ll start to click, pinch, ache, and swell.  If you’ve managed to avoid any of this then there is a good chance that you’re either young in age, or you’ve just swore off rigourous exercise in any capacity.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury.  I’m 34, run, lift weights, and worst of all I have flat feet. This means sore-everything in my legs and sometimes my back, even though I have inserts in my shoes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I try to enstill precautionary measures as well as be mindful of my body’s feedback.  Alas, it’s virtually impossible to avoid some of the caveats of exercise.  But it’s not impossible to mitigate some of the pain through ice and support.  And none do these in tandem better than 110% compression.

Note that I said tandem.  110% compression doesn’t just make traditional compression wear clothing (tops, pants, sleeves, etc).  They make compression clothing that has special inserts that allow you to slip in specially made ice packs (they can also be heated – more on that in a bit) directly into the clothing.  The result is instantaneous icing (or heating) upon the completion of your workout.  This negates the need to wrap your arm, deal with bags of ice, or hassle with paper towel.  Moreover, there is the added benefit to wearing the compression clothing while this is happening, as it should increase circulation, which in turn helps with recovery.

I received 110% Compression’s Juggler Knickers.  They’re effectively an extended short that run to the knees and offers a wide variety of slots to insert the included (6) ice packs.  Compression coverage includes the hips, glutes, lumbar, ITBand, quadriceps, hamstrings and knees.

Using a combination of Spandex and Polypropylene (30-70 mix) the Juggler Knickers are designed, much like any other compression gear, to reduce, fatigue, increase endurance, and help with recovery.   And because they know you’re gonna sweat buckets while wearing these things, they’ve used something called Silvertech Fabric, which by its very nature helps ward off bacteria or fungi growth.


I started with a medium in the Juggler Knickers, but quickly found that I needed a large – I guess I’m right on the line size wise.  That said, getting either size on takes a bit of wriggling and pulling.  This is indicative of compression clothing – if it wasn’t like this it wouldn’t provide i’s intended benefit.  Once on, the pants we’re snug yet comfortable.  However, I experienced a bit of tightness in the butt area requiring me to make a few adjustments.  Also, for some reason the right leg tended to pull at my leg hair (and/or skin) and caused some pretty agonizing pain.  So, if you’ve got super hairy legs (or arms) you might want to think twice about using these, or get yourself a Philips Click N’ Style shaver.

Included with the Juggler Knickers are 6 reusable 110% Compression ice packs.  As mentioned they can also be heated up.  But before you freeze or drop them in the microwave, you’ll need to prime them with water, which serves at the conductive fluid that retains the temperature.  To do this, just drop them in a sink or bucket filled with H2O.  After a few minutes they’ll begin to swell as they take on water.  Don’t worry, the specially designed membranes only allow water in, not out.  So when they thaw you won’t find a soppy mess in your pants or on your floor.

I tested my Juggler Knickers primarily in my Kung Fu class. There I perform a variety of moves that often leave my knees and legs sore only a few hours after completion.   First off, the added support on my knees was evident right away.  Movement wasn’t restricted, but I noticed a slight elasticity to my kicks and a spring in my stride when moving – neither were disconcerting.  Post workout I immediately inserted the included ice packs and while there was an immediate sense of cooling (as well as relief) it was evident the next day and even that night that they had helped reduced swelling.

So suffice to say, 110% Compression’s Juggler Knickers do work.  That said, while I was impressed with their clothing, I was more impressed with the included ice packs, which also ship with an insulated to go case so that when you finish your workout they are as frosty as when they left the freezer.  Moreover, you can size the ice packets as you see fit using a pair of scissors, toss them into the microwave to transform it into a heat pack, and use them on their own.

Bottom line: As a guy, I couldn’t help but feel a little awkward wearing a 3/4 pant.  But the benefits of 110% Compression’s Juggle Knickers quickly negate any perceived caveats.


Release Date: Available Now
Price: $150
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
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Instantaneous icing without the hassle of bags, faster rate of recovery, versatile and eco friendly ice packs included


Can pinch in select areas or on hair


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