Microsoft’s New “Future-Proof” Console Titled ‘Xbox One,’ Available Worldwide in 2013

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Xbox One Reveal

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Microsoft announced today that their flagship console, previously known as ‘Durango,’ will be titled ‘Xbox One.’ The device, which is being branded as a full-on entertainment center, has yet to be priced, but will be launching by the end of this year. According to Microsoft, the console will be making it’s debut before December, just in time for the holiday rush.

The entertainment megalith, which is being described as an “all-in-one system,” was created with the ideal of ‘harmonizing your experiences” and providing a “simple,” “instant,” and “complete” approach to the living-room experience.

Xbox One Reveal

Many of the console’s next-gen features were announced today, and, as it turns out, our predictions weren’t far off. The Xbox One will make use of blu-ray technology, multi-tasking, SmartGlass, Kinect, and a redesigned controller. As showcased in today’s presentation, the console will include support for entertainment staples like ESPN, Netflix, live TV, music, and more.

Beyond the technical feats showcased today, a slew of upcoming games were also part of Microsoft’s headlining presentation. The company announced partnerships with EA Sports, Remedy, Infinity Ward, 343 Industries, Turn 10 Studios, and Activision. According to the report, the Xbox One will have fifteen exclusive titles within one year of launch. Allegedly, eight of those are new IPs that are currently in development.

More so than anything, the company made sure to reiterate that much more information will be available at this year’s E3 press conference.


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Bottom Line

The newest next-gen console to breach the industry is Microsoft’s Xbox One. It looks incredible, and it’s coming this year.


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