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For anyone who complained that Microsoft’s May 21st event didn’t focus heavily enough on new titles, this year’s E3 conference should set the record straight. The company went full steam ahead, ultimately showing off seventeen new games for the hotly anticipated Xbox One. The exciting news, however, came as we learned that nine of the seventeen shown today will be exclusive to Microsoft’s forthcoming console. In case you missed out on yesterday’s presentation, here’s a quick recap of all the new content coming to Xbox One.

Ryse: Son Of Rome

First up is Ryse, a Kinect-powered combat game in the same vein as God of War. If you like your entertainment as cinematic and violent as humanly possible, then it’s likely this will be the game for you. Players take on the role of Marius Titus, a roman soldier attempting to “restore the honor of Rome at any cost,” whatever than means. You can check out the debut trailer below – just keep in mind that the title is brought to you by Crytek (the studio behind Crysis), and it’ll be drop-dead gorgeous. Even better, it’s an exclusive.

Historical accuracy? Probably not so much.

Sunset Overdrive

Totally into shooting things in the head? Ever played a game from the Resistance or Ratchet & Clank series? Here’s the thing: Insomniac Games, a studio most commonly known for their great Playstation exclusives, has crossed to the dark side, and now they’re making games for Microsoft. Sunset Overdrive is the cheeriest-looking multiplayer shoot-em-up this side of the console wars, and it’s coming exclusively to Xbox One. Here’s the trailer:

Are they shooting… records?

Killer Instinct

No E3 conference would be complete without a far-flung reboot of some forgotten franchise, and here’s the 2013 edition: Killer Instinct. Fighting genre fans should be psyched that this 1994 classic is making a comeback, and it looks to be just as nostalgic as you’d hoped it would be. Even better, it’s “freemium” software, which means it won’t cost you anything to play a bare-bones version of the game. If you’re hoping to play as more than one character, however, you’ll have to put up some cash. Check it out:

All things considered, I’m just hoping this turns out to be more than just an0ther off-brand Mortal Kombat title.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In a miraculous turn of events, the next entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise is coming to the Xbox One. Disappointed Microsoft fans will remember that 2008′s Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots was practically a masterpiece, albeit one exclusive to the PS3. Don’t sweat it, though, the fifth game is looking to be just as beautiful, engaging, and well-written. There’s a lengthy six-minute trailer to watch, and let me tell you, it’s a good one:

Open-world stealth, horses, and a cinematic soundtrack.

Minecraft (Xbox One Edition)

To be perfectly honest, nothing too exciting here. Microsoft is giving gamers more of what they love, and damn do they love Minecraft. Expect bigger, more complex worlds and great multiplayer support. What more could you want?


Forza Motorsport 5

We’ve already heard a lot about Microsoft’s flagship racer, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen a gameplay trailer like this. Featuring a high-octane soundtrack by Eli “Paperboy” Reed, this is one the best genre teasers you’ll see all day. Feel free to revel in all of the hi-def glory below, courtesy of the Xbox Youtube channel. I might even go as far to say that this looks better than Need For Speed: Rivals, Driveclub, and the new Gran Turismo.

Did anyone ever buy Forza: Horizon?

Quantum Break

Remedy (the talented dev team responsible for Xbox classics like Max Payne and Alan Wake) is back, and they’ve got some kind of Christopher Nolan treachery to show off. There isn’t much in the way of gameplay, or really, anything expository. All the same, it’s an invigorating teaser. Of all the exclusive titles coming to Xbox One, this is easily one of the most promising. Sony may have delivered a near-perfect press conference tonight, but here’s one reason you should stay with Microsoft:]

It’s really too bad I have no idea what’s going on.


Not really sure what to say about this one, though I’m loving the art style. Here’s the tiniest glimpse at an episodic murder mystery coming to Xbox One:]


Project Spark

Here’s what can only be described as Microsoft’s answer to Littlebigplanet. It’s a Kinect-based game creation tool that looks to have plenty of potential. Details are painfully scarce at this point, but the project’s debut video shows off some bare-bones mechanics and promising features. A product like this can go one of two ways: it will die a miserable, technically-deficient death, or it will be an enormous success. I’ve never really been an optimist, but here’s what we have at the moment:]

Looks a little more fun than Unity, huh?

Crimson Dragon

A game that lets you control a dragon, breath fire, and soar through the sky. I can’t think of a better way to preface this:]


Dead Rising 3

November 2013 is bringing with it another zombie apocalypse, this time centered in some fictional Californian locale. Between The Walking DeadState of Decay, Dead Nation, Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil, ZombiU, Rock of the Dead, DayZ, Dead Block, Dead Island, Dead Space, The Last of Us, Plants vs. Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Call of Duty, and the original two Dead Rising titles, I’m pretty burnt out on zombie games. But, if you’re somehow still interested in fighting the undead hordes, maybe this’ll cheer you up:]

Oh, and Lollipop Chainsaw.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A fantasy RPG that somehow throws tactical combat, non-linear storytelling, and open-world mechanics into a single package. The title looks pretty gorgeous, but then again, so does everything else we’ve seen at E3. Check out the full trailer below, brought to you by CD Projekt Red.]

Not into fantasy? Check out Cyberpunk 2077.

Battlefield 4

Everyone’s favorite non-Call of Duty shooter is back, and it’s looking better than ev–wait, no. It looks more like an updated version of 2011′s Battlefield 3. If you’re looking for the same old shooter mechanics with a new coat of paint, you should be pretty damn excited about this one. The publisher just released a trailer called Angry Sea that showcases some of the scripted flare of the single player campaign. You can check it below.]

If, like me, you’re still frustrated that you never got a callback after your audition for Peter Berg’s recent Battleship adaptation, feel free to blast some Rihanna and pretend you’re right in the middle of all the Hasbro-branded action.


This might actually be the only indie game coming to Xbox One, so thankfully, it’s looking to be a good one. Below features a soundtrack by Jim Guthrie, and is being developed by the co-creators of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. After seeing the trailer, I’m just hoping the game comes bundled with a few sets of binoculars.]

After all, my eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.


No, not Halo 5, just Halo. The title is being developed by 343 Industries, so rest assured the project is in good hands. At this point, it’s too early to see any gameplay, story, or really… anything. Here’s the teaser, but don’t expect to understand much about the forthcoming title. It’s only been a few months since Halo 4, after all.]

Thinking about the original Halo just makes me feel old.


This next one out of E3 is an Xbox One exclusive from Respawn Entertainment. After breaking from Activision, the two heads of Infinity Ward (the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) formed a new team and jumped in bed with EA. The ordeal has been one enormous legal headache, but here’s what they have to show for it:]

You can shoot bullets, too.


Here’s another painfully cinematic CGI trailer, this time for the stealth-centric Thief reboot.

Step into the Shadow, as Garrett, the Master Thief. Some steal to survive, he survives to steal…]

It’s a way of life, guys.

Final Fantasy XV

Just like Final Fantasy XIII before it, the next Square Enix epic is coming to Xbox One. I didn’t think it was possible, but this one looks like it might actually be more melodramatic than the earlier titles in the series. Expect stunning visuals, a classical soundtrack, crystal-clear voice acting, and a convoluted combat system. You’ll get it all from Final Fantasy XV, and you don’t even have to play it on a Sony console. I’ll admit, though, after that press conference yesterday, you’ll probably want to.]

For more E3 coverage and some pretty bad reporting, keep yourself glued to Gadget Review.


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For anyone who complained that Microsoft’s May 21st event didn’t focus heavily enough on new titles, this year’s E3 conference should set the record straight.


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    Erik Rosli

    MGS V is also confirmed coming on the PS4, as tweeted by Hideo Kojima.


    Titanfall is NOT an Xbox one exclusive! It’s coming out on the PC.
    Also EA have already admitted that it may later (in a year) come out for the PS4!

    M$ should really look up the word exclusive in the dictionary!

      Andrew schelb

      its not coming to ps4 bro sorry to tell you. and it means console exclusive. Titanfall balances out ps4′s exclusivity to final fantasy 14. this list did forget kingdom hearts 3 though

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