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Web Apps

Domino Pizza Tracker

I just caught this on NBC's local news here in SoCal. Totally gimmicky, but it should draw some customers who are looking for their Web 2.0 meets pizza fix. The Domino Pizza Tracker is available at Dominos.com The Tracker break...

3d Mailbox – Are you serious?

This is one of the most intriguing Web 2.0 apps I've ever seen, hands down. What is it? Simple. It's a 3d Avatar represented version of your email. It apparently works with any email system including web based email, such as GM...


Apple Launches Web Apps Website In Lieu of iPhone Widgets – What the F!?

So in Apple's continous conquest to 'own its customer's iPhone's' and not allow any downloaded apps to the device, they launched their iPhone Web Apps website yesterday. It's viewable on any computer, but to utilize the site yo...
Web Apps

Search for URL Availability as You Type – Instant Domain Search

When searching for a new domain I hate waiting for the query to process. Check out this domain search tool. As you type it tells you availability. Looks like it runs on AJAX, but that is just a theory as I didn't check the source.