Underwater Hotel

Istanbul, long regarded as the capital city of the Roman Empire and Europe's most populous city, is slated to open an underwater hotel by 2010. Built underneath the city's center, the 7 floor, seven star (I thought it went to 5...

MirrorPilot: Rearview and GPS In One

One of the dangers of enjoying GPS navigation is the inherent distraction. The GPS MirrorPilot looks to eliminate this problem. Integrated into the rearview mirror is an ANTARIS 4 GPS receiver and a 65k color, 2.2” QVGA screen ...


Almost Pocket Sized DLP Projector

I’m still waiting for Texas Instruments to unveil their highly anticipated cell phone projector. Until then, will all have to settle for Samsung’s almost-pocket sized DLP projector. The Ultra Mobile Pocket Projector (U310) feat...

Robot Porters Arrive At Japanese Airport

The only thing better than traveling first class would be first class with no baggage to haul around. Starting this month in Japan’s Kita Kyushu airport the reality maybe closer then you think. Robotic porters will be available...


RFID Makes Its Way Into Luggage

According to Digital Trends, for the next 6 months London Heathrow Airport and Emirates Airlines are testing RFID tagging to track luggage. Not just for internal airport use, the traveler will also receive text message updates ...
Green Energy

The Hydrogen, Solar, Maglev Train Coming To A City Near You

Ann Arbor, Michigan has been on a green project ‘tear’ lately. Earlier this year they began by replacing all standard streetlights with LEDs. Now they’ve got a project on the books called The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highwa...


Manila Envelope Becomes Real Macbook Air Sleeve

Steve Jobs, the master of spin, pulled the new Macbook Air out of a manila envelope at this year’s Macworld conference. So what did some creative folks do to capitalize on the spin? Make a Macbook Air sleeve that resembles the ...

Forecasting Umbrella with LED now Available for Purchase

A ways back we reported on this crazy concept called the 'Forecasting Umbrella'. At the time it was just that, a concept. Thanks to the guys and gals at ThinkGeek they've brought Seattle, Boston...well, crappy weather located f...


Airbus A380 Private Suites

This one was just too cool to pass up. The new Airbus A380 is absolutely massive. It can hold a whopping 800+ people if stacked with just economy seats. Who would opt for that lay out, especially if you're trying to drive brand...

AirBus A380 Brings a Whole New Meaning to ‘Crapping with A View’

My friends over at Aving News got some pics of Korean Air's gigantic Airbus A380 - you know that winged monster of a plane? They've got some pretty detailed pictures if you click over. What was my biggest take away you ask? The...


Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

Terrafugia, a startup by MIT grad student Carl Dietrich, is posed to deliver a fully operational flying car prototype by 2008. The Terrafugia Transition flying car, or "personal air vehicle," as they've been calling it, is just...