A Really Small R/C Car

It's tiny, its carrying case doubles as a remote, and it's only $13. You can grab the Mini R/C Car here
Green Energy

Play With Hydrogen Fueling At Home

Ok, so it's not a full sized car and worst of all it's not even remote controlled, but the H Racer and Solar Hydrogen Station let's you play with hydrogen fuel in your living room. Just add water and watch the solar paneled fue...


Be James Bond With This Underwater Contraption

Oh how this reminds me of the days of watching the old James Bond movies - I'm talking Sean Connery, none of that Roger Moore crap. The Reef Rider Sea Scooter propels you forward under water at up 2.2 mph (boooo). But at about ...

Rapid Assault Remote Controlled Dart Slinging Vehicle

Office assault and mayhem are at the top of my list when it comes to a 9 to 5er. The Rapid Assault toy by Mattel holds a dozen foam darts and can travel up to 20 feet from the remote before losing control. Goggles or eye insura...

Touch Sreen

Kids Mini Touchscreen ATM Is Toy Meets Business

The genesis of saving money isn't a complicated one: get piggy bank, grow up, open bank account. But in today's digital world that just doesn't seem fitting. Zillion's 'Touch Screen ATM' gives all the money lessons your kid wil...

Actual Wall Climbing Spiderman Toy

If you’re like me, you watched and read anything Spiderman you could get your hands on. Back then (late 1980s) the closest I got to a Spiderman experience was Halloween and the eventual release of the Sega Genesis video game. C...


$140,000 Diamond Encrusted Hot Wheels Car

To kick off Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary, Mattel unveiled a diamond encrusted 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car. The car is one-of-a-kind and the most expensive in Hot Wheels history. The car is valued at a mere $140,000, is cast in 18...

Nerf Wii Blaster Shoots Darts and Works As The Zapper

After hours of Grand Theft Auto 3 how many of you got in your car and saw the world in a completely different perspective? I know I was ready to start terrorizing my neighborhood. The Nerf Wii Blaster might just bring the fanta...

Cell Phones

Zeemote: Bluetooth Analog Joystick For Your Cell Phone (video included)

There are plenty of cell phones that feature games. Currently, most handsets don't warrant add-on peripherals, or more then 5 minutes of your time. Fortunately, we'll probably begin to see that change later this year as more an...

Ugobe Delays Pleo Release

I just received an email from Ugobe informing me that the Pleo will be slightly delayed. No word on how back dated orders will be, but Ugobe has some what guaranteed that the preorder folks (first hatch) will still receive thei...


New Xbox 360 Available April 29, 2007

It’s official. Microsoft will begin selling its new Xbox, called Xbox 360 Elite, come April 29th. No HD DVD drive, but the ‘new’ machine will sport a larger hard drive (120GB), an HDMI out.  Other items included are a matching ...

Humping USB Dog

The flash memory doesn’t fit inside the unit (I think it’s just below the base) but anytime you transfer data to or from the phallic device, it gyrates like a dog in heat...would naturally...right? Video here. USB Humping Dog F...