Under-Door Viewing Kit Makes You Spy Worthy

There's nothing better than a little old fashioned spying. The Under-Door Remote Viewing kit slips under most 1/4" doors and provides a 55 degree view (left and right) of the hidden action within a 15 degree line of site (think...

Real World Ray Gun (video)

[GR]J1w4g2vr7B4[/GR] I caught this on 60 Minutes Sunday night. The Ray Gun is the real deal as you'll see depicted in this 60 minutes piece (this version has been edited for online). The ray gun penetrates 1/64 of an inch of yo...


Monocopter: The First Personal Flying Suit

The author of the linked page says the creator of this Personal Flying Suit, aptly called the "Monocopter", is "ambitious", I'd call it damn cool and crazy!  Check out the linked site for more pics.  The designer, creator and m...

Parvus Launches WL 1000 Wrist Computer

Parvus has finally launched their wrist wearable computer. The Linux or Windows CE based machine - depending on user preference we assume - will operate over GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. The WL 1000 also sports a 3.5" QVGA touch sc...


Switchblade: Shape Shifting Plane

By 2007 we might see (probably hear) a blueprint of the first unmanned plane that can attack its enemy at super sonic speeds. The Switchblade will be designed by Northrop Grumman and funded by a US government $10.3 mSwithbladeh...

Real World Force Field

Check out this crazy video from Fox News. It depicts a force field which causes rockets and other attacking weapons to explode before they reach its target. Direct Link: Video of Israeli Made "Forcefield" [Digg]


Eye Ball Wireless Camera Means ‘Toss and Survey’ for Military and Police

Police and military folk can now breathe a little easier with the Eye Ball rolling their way. Designed to be tossed through doors and windows, the Eye Ball is a rubber and polyurethane encased camera that’s about the size and s...