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SpeckTone Retro iPod Speakers

Retro junkies rejoice. Speck Products has a top-loading iPod stereo speaker system called the SpeckTone Retro. Sure, there are hundreds of iPod speaker systems on the market. What makes this system unique is the design. The des...

Sennheiser ‘Twist to Fit’ MX90VC Headphones

Check out these innovative headphones by Sennheiser called 'Twist to Fit' that stay locked in your ear via a twisty little ear bud. The pics say it best, but the question remains: how comfy are they? Sennheiser's 'twist to fit'...


Clip on Earbuds for the Accessory Junkie

Although we're usually not ones to report on headphones, these little ear buds seemed worthy.  Serving both those in motion and those requiring a touch of style - accessory junkies will love these - the Earmecca 'EP series' hea...

Rumble Seat

Anyone seen the Howard Stern movie? The woman climbs on to a speaker and…anyway, you could probably plug this thing into the TV and watch you know what. Currently it’s only a concept, but check out the rest of James Owen's work...


Infinity Cascade Speakers

Although these speakers were introduced back in September of 2005, there extremely appealing from an aesthetics standpoint and apparently provide excellent sound quality. The Cascade Loudspeakers by LifeStyleDesign for Infinity...

Haliaetus Car Exhaust Like Speakers

Check out these crazy looking speakers that utilizes car like exhaust tubes to increase bass response - originally referred to as ‘acoustic nozzles’ by its French manufacture Haliaetus. The Firebird speakers are rated at 50-20k...


Hammacher Schlemmer Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speakers

From the makers of the Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers, comes a pretty unique wireless bluetooth computer speaker.  This wireless 2.1 stereo speaker system can be placed anywhere within 100' of your PC or Mac. The cool...

Toshiba et20 DVD surround sound projector

Looking to build a home theater room with a nice projector?  Not in the mood to run cables all over the place?  Then the Toshiba et20 may be the projector for you.  This all-in-one projector features a DVD player and built in 5...

Cell Phones

Sneak Preview of Parrot Bluetooth Products

We got a sneak peak of Parott’s two new wireless products set for a debut March 10th at CeBit Hannover.  Slated for a Q2 release, expect Bluetooth Hi-Fi speakers and digital photo frame.  No word on price.

AudioEngine’s A5 Bookshelf Speakers Are No Ordinary Read

These speakers are no ordinary bookshelf bunch. Audioengine’s A5 speaker’s feature set includes a power port to charge your iPod while listening, an internal power amplifier so no external receiver needed, a few subwoofer ports...


Panasonic SA-XR57: HDMI receiver with HDAVI control

If you own a Pansonic TV and DVD player with HDMI, then we have the receiver for you -- the Panasonic SA-XR57. This newly introduced receiver supports Panasonic's HDAVI Control over HDMI. What this basically means if you have a...

Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers

Hammacher Schlemmer has released the world's first tube-based iPod speaker system this week. Their Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers are also the most expensive iPod accessory coming in at $3,999.95. That is unless you c...