iHome Announces Computer Speakers, iH69 and iH70, with Built-in Dock

So I recently conceded and bought a desk for my bedroom. With in a matter of weeks my table top was cluttered with papers, gadgets, computer speakers and needless to say the dock for my iPhone. Yes, minimizing clutter is a bid ...
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Scandyna Micropod SE Active Speaker Review

[singlepic=327,460,380,web20,]I think I've said it before, but if I didn't, here it is again: Speakers aren't easy to review and are in fact extremely subjective. I don't use any type of technical measurement to see what the Hz...

Cell Phones

Altec Lansing T612 Review

[singlepic=234,460,360,,] If you've ever used your iPhone in conjunction with something that includes speakers (e.g. car stereo, home stereo, alarm clock, powered speakers hooked up to the dock) then you know how annoying the s...

Audioengine AW1 Review

Audioengine was kind enough to send me their newest product: the AW1. My experience to date has been fantastic. Read on for more details, but be sure to watch my first ever video review. I know, I know, it's not the most polish...


Jamming Figurines & A Kenwood Stereo System

This has to be one of the oddest stereo systems I've ever seen: The Bandai Little Jammer Meets Kenwood Pro. I'll be honest, I'm not even sure you can play CDs on this thing, but for $570 you'd better be. What is it? It's 6 'Lit...

Sony’s Newest Offer, S-Air Speaker, Is Either A Streaming Speaker (Sweet) or A Wireless Speaker (Weak)

Sony announced a barrage of products a few days ago. One of the more notable additions to their line up (at least I think so) was the S-Air Speaker system  that allowed wireless streaming of music into any room (up to 164') fro...


Speakers that Mount on the Inside of the Wall: Lucidity Speakers

Ever install a home theater system to have the girlfriend or wife complain how ghastly it looks placed next to her Abelias?  Well, if you're building a home and got the foresight (about your spouses dislikes and the moving in t...

GadgetReview Give Away: A Pair of Audioengine A2 Speakers

If you read my review then you'll know that these speakers are the 'bomb'. From now until Cyber Monday (that's the Monday after Thanks Giving) I'll be giving away a pair of Audioengine A2 speakers ($200 value) courtesy of the w...


AudioEngine A2 Speaker Review

It really is true! What's that you say? I can't hear you over the AudioEngine A2s! I said the 'Audioengine A2's are a clear representation of good things do come in small sizes'. I won't dispute that the price tag ($199) is a l...

AudioEngine Releases Their A2 Audio Speakers – At Just $199 You Get Bullet Proof and More!

So back in Feb 2006 we featured AudioEngines A5s. These things are were kick ass and super notable due to the top loading headphone and USB jack, and rear AC plug for Airport Express or whatever you wanna plug in. To get themse...

Home Theater

iPod Tower of Sound: The iTower Omega

We’ve seen designs like this before but none quite so slim (5? wide). Keep in mind that it’s from the makers of the questionable Ionic Breezes, but that doesn’t mean every tower of power they put out is shite. The iTower Omega ...

“Mars Attacks? Audiophile Speakers for $9000

Check out these crazy speakers. Created by former BMW designer Aonghus O'hEocha and aptly named after him, they look like they’re from the movie “Mars Attacks?. They cost a mere $9,000 and deliver a bass response as low as 25Hz...