Apple: iPod Nano Has Flaw

Apple has finally provided a response to the numerous complaints about the iPod Nano’s screen breaking and/or scratching easily. First a quote from Macworld made by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, ...

Apple’s iPod Nano’s Huge Margin

iSupply took the tiny player apart and has determined it costs Apple just $90 in matrials, and $8 in labor to build the 2GB iPod Nano. The margins of course get fatter on the 4GB because labor costs stay fixed. This margin is c...

Jobs Stands Strong Against Music Biz

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple computers, is standing strong against the music industry's demand to increase pricing. Jobs is concerned that a price increase will create a backlash and many people will return to pirating music in...


Rumor: iPod Video

Just a rumor right now, but Apple may be releasing an iPod Video, or at least make an iPod announcement sometime in November. To try and reaffirm this rumor, has reported finding a hidden video button in iTunes.

Sony Introduces 2GB Memory Stick

Sony will introduce a 2GB Memory Stick come the end of Semptember. This doubles their highset capacity 'stick'. The 2 gig stick will run about $200 or less. If you are dieing for some expensive memory, then you can preorder the...

Destroying the iPod Nano

How hard is it to destroy an iPod Nano? Well the guys from ArsTechnica took it on a little adventure and let’s just say they know what the guts of the Nano look like. The iPod Nano incurred the following tests: 1. Sitting on th...

Cell Phones

ROKR Reviewed (it ain’t looking good)

I think it is safe to say there was severe disappointment when Motorola's iPod phone, the ROKR, was released last week. The design didn't resemble what many expected, which was supposed to be more iPod and less phone. For some ...

iPod Nano Reviewed

The reviews are crashing through the doors and of course the critics are raving. My first surprise was that Apple's speculated 14 hour continuous playback time is true, and even slightly better. Some maybe be disappointed by th...

Apple iPod Dock Cup Holder

Apple won a patent today for an iPod Dock that fits into your cup holder. Not too many other details are currently available, but apparently 9 sketches of the device will be available on the U.S Patent's office website: www.usp...


Just Released: Nano iPod

Nano: A prefix meaning one-billionth - not quite, but almost. Apple’s new Nano iPods are sickly cool. Sporting a much slimmer look then mini (which are now void from the iPod line up), a capacity of 2GB or 4GB (flash drive), an...
Cell Phones

Motorola iTunes Phone – The ROKR

The Motorola ROKR E1 (pronounced like it rhymes with soccer) was oficially released today. The phone is exclusive to Cingular (no big shock) and will cost $249.99 with a 2 year conract. This phone is the first mobile phone to b...

Motion Capture iPod Remote Control

For anyone whose tried to use their iPod in the cold winter months, the motion-sensor based iPod remote control prototype by Peter is a godsend. You ever try to operate a touch-sensitive wheel with gloves on? Have you ever trie...