Absolut Unveils New Marketing Campaign: Absolut Machines

Absolut Vodka's new marketing campaign involves two massive machines and you. That's right, you. It's all pretty crazy and grandiose, but essentially two MIT grads have built two huge machines, one located in NYC and one in Sto...

Lego Solves Rubik’s Cube In 6 Minutes

Guys over at TiltedTwister took the Lego Mindstorm and programmed it to solve a Rubiks Cube in about 6 minutes. How's it work? A light sensor reads the cube's color configuration then calculates the necessary moves and presto, ...


Etch A Sketch Clock (video)

This is great. It's an Etch A Sketch hooked up to a laptop and a few robotic dials that automatically draw the time. Every minute it takes a bow to erase itself. [Make]

World’s First MRI Guided Neurosurgical Robot Arm (video)

Unbeknownst to me, and probably 99% of the population, surgery under the guidance of a live operating MRI was impossible due to the magnetic fields. The NeuroArm is the world's first MRI-guided neurosurgical robot allowing for ...


Robot Porters Arrive At Japanese Airport

The only thing better than traveling first class would be first class with no baggage to haul around. Starting this month in Japan’s Kita Kyushu airport the reality maybe closer then you think. Robotic porters will be available...

New Elmo Toy Sure To Draw Rabid Parents

Fisher-price announced a new Elmo toy today, the Elmo Live. For $60 he sounds like a God send to parents looking to preoccupy their children. Hell, he even sounds mildly entertaining to me, and I am on the verge of turning 30. ...


Pleo ‘Love Bug’ Download Arrives Just In Time For Valentines

Perhaps it’s pure coincidence, but Ugobe introduced a new download today for the Pleo life like dinosaur, and it reeks of Valentine sappiness. Download, copy onto an SD card, insert and watch Pleo “sulk when left alone but pet ...

Ugobe Delays Pleo Release

I just received an email from Ugobe informing me that the Pleo will be slightly delayed. No word on how back dated orders will be, but Ugobe has some what guaranteed that the preorder folks (first hatch) will still receive thei...


New Ugobe’s Pleo (Video) Goes “Wassup”

I'm not going to make any grandiose claims about this new Pleo video. Hard to tell if its real, but from where I stand it looks legit. Plus, who or how did they get three of them? If you recall the "True" Budweiser commercials ...

Ugobe Sells Out of Pleo

I am afraid so. I had a prebuy ticket but like an apprehensive idiot held out thinking I might jump on the iPhone bandwagon. You can still purchase the green guy at select retailers, though. Amazon seems to have them for Preord...


Transformers Opens Tomorrow – Limited Release Until July 3rd

I don't know if they've kicked up the release date to help drum up publicity, but you'll be able to catch Transformers the movie today (day early). Just hit up Fandango to see where it's playing. I'm sure millions of dorks thou...

First Ever Pleo (life like robotic dinosaur) Video

You’ve probably heard of the Pleo by now. It was supposed to be released March ’07 but has been pushed back to Summer ’07 due to some engineering problems (sort of guessing), and Caleb and team’s desire to seek perfection (I th...