The WineRACK: Another way to sneak liquids on a plane, in a game, etc

These guys originally brought us the Beerbelly. If you caught us on Fox New Boston just a year ago then you'd know this. Now they're bringing us a device the actually enhances one's figure - the beer belly makes you look fat - ...
Cell Phones

iPhone Dummy Plugs – Stop Dirt and Pocket Lint from Attacking Your iPhone

Looking a little closer at the iPhone, I noticed that the headphone jack is not only recessed (big boooos) but isn't completed sealed. Peer deep into the headphone jack's hole whilst the screen is illuminated and you'll notice ...

Cell Phones

Unlocked iPhone?

Are we days away from an unlocked iPhone? Some kid not more then a few weeks out of high school has been working with a group of 'hackers' to open up the iPhone. Too much tech jargon for me to really understand, but what he doe...

Auto T-P Dispenser for the Excessive

This was seen like a million and one times on Youtube. As if using the toilet was too much work. On the upside, it could save a tree by preventing over use. Click here to watch.


Video: One-Wheel Powered Scooter

The guys over at Crunch Gear unearthed video of a one-wheel power scooter that is said to rival (not really) the Segway. We’re talking walking speeds so don’t get too excited and watching the video makes me wanna wear a helmet....

Chainsaw Motorcycle

So what if this is darn good PR spin. I always enjoy 'gear' that's supposed to do ENTIRELY something else, but in fact is used for the sole purpose of accelling a leather laden individual down a speed track at what appears to b...


iPod in Any Color

If you are looking to give the gift that stinks of individualism, many folks probably wouldn't think of Apple's iPod: white or black, 30 or 80 GB. Wrong. Thanks to Colorware, you can now order any iPod, or iPod Nano, in any col...

Rip PS3 Games and Blu-ray movies on your PS3

According to an article on Ehomeupgrade, ripping Hi Def Blu-Ray movies and PS3 games is as simple as typing a line of code into the 'terminal' of the Playstation 3. Apparently, this requires the PS3 to be loaded with a Linux OS...


Upgrade Zune HD from 30GB to 80GB

The guys over at apparently aren't all iPod and to prove it they're offering a guide on how to switch out your Zune's 30GB HD for an 80GB HD. If you want the 80GB (40GB or 60GB will also work) then you'll need to g...

Jet Powered Scooter

Remember the dude that built the jet engine powered VW Beetle? Well, he's back, and using not one, but two jets to burn the rubber of his girlfriend's Vespa scooter. We never did see that Beetle take off, but if we get a glimps...


Home Brew Phone Bug

We loves us some snoppin’ at GadgetReview. We’ve seen a few phones that blur the lines between spying and home security, but this home made device is probably all espionage as it transmits the user’s telephone call via FM frequ...

Mac Mini Laptop

This guy, Peter Green, took a Mac Mini and modded it out with a mini keyboard, track pad, battery (3 hour life), and an 8? fold away screen all of which apparently weighs less then the current 14? iBook. He’s currently looking ...