Memory Stick

The BIZZ: Bluetooth Headset + USB Memory Stick

The BIZZ headset from Bluetrek does double duty as a Bluetooth wireless headset and a USB memory stick. To access the drive's contents, and charge the BUZZ, simply unplug the ear piece from the body and insert into a USB port -...

Wii Fans You Gotta See This

Wii fans, meets the Wii USB flash drive. Push the ‘A’ button to expose the ‘male’ part of the USB stick. Hold down the ‘A’ button to push it back in. Looks like you can pick up these pint sized Wii remote flash drives in sizes ...


Fujitsu Begins Offering Solid State (Flash Memory) Laptops

Fujistu began ‘offering’ its first set of ‘solid state drive’, or as I have awkwardly called them Flash Memory (hard drive) Based notebooks, today. The drives are set to appear in the touchscreen Lifebook P1610 and B6210. There...