Washup Reuses Washing Machine Water To Clean Other Waste

The modern world wastes gallons and gallons of water. Fortunately, these days folks are catching on. God knows I've seen my fair share of waterless urinals. Yeah, it's a little funky 'on paper' but they actually work and they d...

Stack O’ Books Hides Your Drugs, Condoms and God Knows What Else

The Poetry Nightstand passes as a solid stack of books. Hidden beneath its benign exterior are 4 draws for stashing the small and not so mentionable. At best I'd stash condoms, lube, you know, the usual. You 'smokers' probably ...


Pot Balancing Spoons

Whenever I cook I'm always balancing the spoon on the pot or pan. Ultimately I end up with sauce, grease and more on the stove top from one edge hanging over the side. Jonathans Wild Cherry Lazy Spoons feature a notch embedded ...

Mini Doughnut Maker Brings Joy and Obesity To The World

There's nothing like walking into a Krispy Kreme and reveling in the hot fresh doughnuts popping out of the conveyor belt driven machine. Now imagine all that sweet goodness in your kitchen from your very own doughnut maker, th...


The Star Wars Gear Won’t Stop – R2D2 Phone

Please make it end...course I post on it perpetuating the very thing I think I despise. It's an R2D2 phone. The head moves and lights up and plays R2D2 sound effects when the phone rings. It ain't cheap: $160 available here. [S...

Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light

So we've seen the temperature sensitive faucet light, but that's useless for those with stand alone showers. The Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light does exactly what you'd think: emits red when hot and blue when cold. The o...


Dog Alarm

If you don't want the hassle of a real dog (i.e. picking up poop, the cost, etc), but would like the protection, then 'Secure Dog' has you covered. The proximity alarm utilizes microwaves to see through walls, and when an intru...

Remote Controlled Shower Head

Apparently the days of controlling your shower head by hand (i.e. manual adjustment) are near end of life, at least according to New Form.  The Wall or Ceiling Mounted Shower head includes a remote control for controlling who k...


Save Your Marriage Toilet Seat

Hard to believe, but women hate to fall into the toilet. No really, they can't stand it, especially when their husband or loved one leaves the seat up after a 6 pack of Silver Bullets. Well, fear not guys, because the Flipper T...

Sleek & Compact Charging Tray For Any Device

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten fed up with the rat's nest of cords created from charging all my devices. Bluelounge's Multi-device (and they mean multi) Charging Tray clears the cord clutter by neatly integrating i...


Etch A Sketch Clock (video)

This is great. It's an Etch A Sketch hooked up to a laptop and a few robotic dials that automatically draw the time. Every minute it takes a bow to erase itself. [Make]

Unbreakble Umbrella Will Beat Your Ass (video)

[GR]bO8G5zsQohg[/GR] You won't believe your eyes, but this guy 'tight ropes' the umbrella (I'm talking all his weight), slices a watermelon in half in one swing, and beats the piss out of a heavy bag. Apparently the Philippines...