Official GTA 4 Multiplayer Tomorrow…maybe

Looks like we might get a real look at GTA 4's multiplayer tomorrow (April 8th, 2008). I'm not gonna hold my breath, though. Why? Because the actual game will be released in just 21 days! Update: Here's a summary of the GTA 4 m...

Quake 3 Hits the iPhone

[GR]kvci1vTXyUo[/GR] Check it: Quake 3 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It looks excessively boring since you control strafing via the accelerometer and firing by just tapping the screen. I wouldn't waste my time, but for the iPho...

Xbox First Look: Wireless Helmet and more

Xbox asks: "What's popping up this spring?", in an email to Xbox live customers today? Featured are the upcoming Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet, the Xbox Live Board Game, Xbox 360 Vintage Edition, and Xbox 360 Recon Edition. Any true...


LEAKED:Grand Theft Auto 4 Planning Mulitplayer Episodes Fall ’08

According to an email I just received from Xbox live, one could infer that Rockstar/Take-Two is planning to release new mulitplayer campaigns for Grand Theft Auto 4 come Fall 2008. Take a look at the above and make your own ass...

GTA 4 Multiplayer Screen Shots Leaked

Check it: Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer screen shots (not confirmed). I've pulled the ones that depict characters with screen names hovering over their head (there were others, but those looked to be single player). More pics ...

Gutair Hero On Tour (aka Guitar Hero On The Nintendo DS) (video)

[GR]EJdU0f8STN0[/GR] Guitar Hero is coming to the Nintendo DS. It's called 'Guitar Hero On Tour'. Check out the commercial to see how it works, and all the cheese.


Airhockey Without The Table

Although this probably won't provide the same level of entertainment, it might shut up the nagging kids you manifested one drunken night(s). The Air Hover Football puts all the air in the puck and turns any flat surface into an...

The GX-10 Camera Puts You In The Game

The GX-10 Gaming Camera is a fair bit cheaper than the Wii, so expect novel, short term entertainment from this toy. How's it work? You shoot a pic of yourself and the included software inserts you into 1 of the 3 games of your...

Wireless Wii Nunchuck

Can't stand the corded Wii Nintendo Nunchunk? Nyko is set to introduce a Wireless Wii Nunchunk for $35 that'll start shipping March 25th. It works with the current Wiimote by plugging in a small receiver to its base. Expect 30 ...


2 Person Rumble Chair Goes Wireless

This isn't the first rumble chair I've seen and it definitely won't be the last. Believe it or not, for $250 you get a pretty good deal: 4 3"two way speakers, 2 subwoofers for game thumping action, dynamic vibration motors, sou...

Use Your SATA Hard Drive With Your PS3

If you're running low on space on your PS3's HD and have a 3.5"SATA HDD, then you'll want this cable to connect the two and expand your storage.  Looks like it's probably only available in Japan, but if you get over there the m...

Destructor Gaming Mouse Pad Insures Ultimate Accuracy

I can understand that there are gaming mice, but gaming mouse pads? I guess so. Razor's Destructor gaming pad is composed of a proprietary gun metal coating, which apparently insures a highly reflective surface. They claim that...