Top 10 Most Creative Shelves

Freshome compiled a list of "30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs". Included here the top 10, but you'll need to click over to Freshome to see the remaining 20. Pretty cool.[Gallery=6]

Interactive LED Coffee Table On The Simple

Throw in 480 bright LED lights and 32 near infrared optical sensors and you've got the "The Wave", an interactive light emitting coffee table. Drag your arm, glass, or any object across the table and a wave of light will follow...


Magnetically Floating Lounger Chair

I wrote about a 'floating bed' back in July '06. It went for a cool $200,000 for a 1/5 scale model. The full scale went for over $1 million. Hoverit Lounger is essentially the same thing, but in an acrylic like lounge chair tha...