Doomed For Failure
Doomed For Failure

Voicetunes For iTunes Seems Pointless

Voicetunes fulfills a need that most of us don't require the ability to vocally tell our iTunes what to do. Also, in case they didn't know, Apple computers can already be controlled by voice, just access the feature in your Sys...
Doomed For Failure

HD DVD Is Six Feet Deep

After heavy Internet rumor mongering, Toshiba has finally conceded defeat and announced the official death of HD DVD. Toshiba plans to discontinue HD DVD manufacturing on all levels by the end of March 2008. Official announceme...

Cell Phones

Neo 808i Cell Phone Is Small But Doomed

I’m thinking about starting a category of products that are failed or doomed from the start (this will be the first one) . Unfortunately, the Neo 808i appears to be one of them. There is no doubt that the device is small (1.6” ...