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Plantronics Introduces Military Grade Bluetooth Headset: Explorer 370

Plantronics unleashed their new Bluetooth headset today: the Explorer 370. It’s certified to MIL-STD 810 standards. In English, that means it’s United States Army approved. It sounds like it can survive everything just short of...
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Zeemote: Bluetooth Analog Joystick For Your Cell Phone (video included)

There are plenty of cell phones that feature games. Currently, most handsets don't warrant add-on peripherals, or more then 5 minutes of your time. Fortunately, we'll probably begin to see that change later this year as more an...
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16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch

Available immediately are all new capacities for the iPhone and iPod touch, 16GB and 32GB respectively.  The 16GB iPhone and the 32GB iPod Touch will both run you $499. Unlike the iPhone, Apple continues to offer 3 capacities i...

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LG Announces New Touchscreen Slider: KF510

A few years ago it was all about slim and sleek. Unfortunately, that doesn't grab headlines these days; at least stand alone. LG's newest slim slider, though, does rock an ultra tight body and packs in a ton of muscle for its s...
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Cell Phone to Arrive in ’08 With Rollable Electronic Display: Readius

What if your cell phone was no bigger then a pack of cigarettes, but sported a screen that measured 5" diagonally? Coming later this year, Polymer Vision plans to release a cell phone that includes a 5" rollable display. Dubbed...

Helio Drops Unlimited Pricing – Sign of Distress?

Helio dropped their unlimited plan from $145/month to $99/month today. The next lower plan - $100/month - get's you 1500 minutes and unlimited data...huh? Sign of a struggling MVNO? I'd say yes. This will surely help them garne...

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Play Guitar On Your iPhone

Playing guitar is hard enough, right? Now imagine trying to play guitar on an iPhone. Pocket Guitar, believe it or not, allows you to strum in up to three types of guitar setups: distortion, acoustic and electric bass. It looks...
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Unity Telephone Connects Desktop and Cell Phone

The Unity Telephone is essentially a dongle that connects your desktop and cell phone via Bluetooth and cord. Get a call on your cell and it's transferred to your desktop phone. I know what you're thinking: how many phones does...
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Desktop iPhone Holder/Presenter

I own an iPhone. I put my iPhone on my desk. It doesn't look cool, and it's no easy feat bending over a desk to use it (ok, I could pick it up, but this is cooler). PED 3 not only shows the iPhone off in all its glory, but it a...

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Use Nokia’s Accelerometer To Open Messages

ShakeSMS isn't the most practical application to install on your Nokia, but it sure does pique and speak to the level of innovation we should see coming from Apple's SDK coming in February. So how's it work? Install the Symbian...
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Paying With Your Cell Phone Finally Hits US Shores…Again?

NFC, or Near-Feild Commuincation has been used for a long-ass time in many Asian countries. According to MobileBurn Sprint Nextel will soon begin trial runs of NFC with the BART (San Fran's 'Bay Area Rapid Transportation') and ...
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MIT To Teach Android Software Development

Starting Spring semester 2008, Massachusetts Technical Institute will offer a class focusing on Google's open platform mobile phone software/firmware Android.  The class will utilize Google's Android SDK. More info here.