Camera Deals

The digital point and shoot camera has become ubiquitous and with it so have the camera deals. There literally hundreds of options to choose from and deciding on the right camera for the right price is not easy task. Fortunately, all of them now offer high resolution sensors that take decent to great pictures, a reasonably sized LCD screen and some sort of optical zoom. But it’s the small features that end up sometimes making the camera good vs bad.

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First off make sure you determine how many megapixels you’ll need. If you don’t plan on printing out your pics you’ll probably be fine with 8-12 megapixels. However, if you plan on printing your pics, you might want to consider something that has a slightly high resolution, just in case you want to blow the photo up to a large size, though the aforementioned sensor size would suffice for your standard 3×5″” pic.

Whie optical zoom isn’t the most crucial of features it most certainly is a big one. Sometimes the difference of 3x optical vs 10x optical can make or break a picture opportunity. If the camera deal you seek is one that will be great for sight seeing or safaris then you probably want to consider something with a large optical zoom – even a DSLR would be a good option since the resolution, features and lens options will be wider. But there is a caveat to a larger zoom, which is a larger footprint. The lens has to be physically larger which means it needs a place to “”sleep”” when it’s not being used. If you’re looking for a more pocket friendly snap and go, you’ll want to look for a camera that has a 3-5x optical zoom, otherwise you’ll end up with some bulk in your pocket.

Any camera these days should sport a 2.5-3″” LCD screen. Size is important, and so is resolution. Most point and shoots have a resolution of 250k, while the high end models will boast a 900k resolution, making your photos look better and easier to review on a smaller screen. But, remember that a larger screen means that it uses more battery life.

Which brings us to our next point when looking for a camera deal. Battery life, or a single battery charge should provide 150-200 shots. You’ll also want to consider how heavy it is to lug around additional batteries and what the life of the battery is when shooting video.

Most of today’s point and shoot camera can capture 720p video. Nonetheless, not all of today’s cameras can capture HD video, but with that should come a better camera deal. On the high end, some point and shoot cameras can capture full 1080p HD video. But, keep in mind that 720p should suffice for most people since storing a full HD video file will require a larger memory card.

Which brings us to our final point: memory. We suggest sticking with cameras that use SD cards since they’re the most common and tend to be cheaper. If you can, avoid Sony’s Memory Stick only cameras as the format is more expensive and not as interchangeable from camera to camera.

Well, we hope this info helps you find the camera deal you’re looking for. On a final note, our top picks for camera brands is Canon, Samsung, Nikon and Olympus. “