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Gadget Review: Smart Pod Camera Mount (video)

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Almost everyone has access to a digital camera or video camcorder. While most people just take pictures by holding their camera with one or two hands, more serious photographers rely on tripods. Unfortunately, tripods can be clumsy to carry and useless in certain situations. If you want to take a...


Gadget Review: Solio H1000 Charger


Running out of power is an all too common problem with portable game consoles, mobile phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras. The usual solution is to carry a power adapter with you wherever you go so you can recharge at the nearest convenient electric outlet (if you can find one)....


Gadget Review: NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

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The mouse that came with your computer is probably a generic mouse designed to do common tasks like using a word processor or a web browser. If you spend most of your time playing video games, you’ll find such an ordinary mouse merely sufficient. For a special mouse designed for...


Wicked Lasers, Elite Series Review


Nearly everyone has seen a laser pointer that lets you highlight presentations from a distance. While such lasers are useful, they’re also relatively harmless unless you stare directly at the laser for long periods of time. If wielding a mild laser pointer is too tame for you, then look at...


ToughDrive Camo, A Rugged USB Flash Drive Review


Flash drives are convenient for transferring data between computers, but too often, most flash drives are too fragile to survive the bumps and bruises of being carried in a pocket or purse. Inevitably, people drop their flash drives on the ground and step on it or leave it in their...


NeoCube Magnetic Puzzle Review


If you enjoy playing or manipulating puzzles, you’ll likely enjoy the NeoCube, a unique puzzle that consists of tiny magnetic spheres that allow you to twist, mold, and manipulate them to create interesting geometrical designs. The amazing part about this puzzle is how simple it can be to play, yet...


MSN Missile Launcher Review


The latest trend with video games is to play opponents over the Internet. While battling human opponents in your favorite game can be more challenging, you might want to take online gaming one step further and shoot at each other using the MSN Missile Launcher. This toy plugs into two...