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TOPIO: The Super-Buff Ping Pong Robot


Well, that’s it, folks.  Happy Thanksgiving.  We’re all doomed. The machines have risen. And they want…to beat us stupid in ping pong. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t from Japan.  This was developed by a Vietnamese robotics firm, but it’s an image of the future that is so utterly bizarre...


The Like A Spoon Mouse–Overpriced Japanese Hardware


I love the Japanese.  Everything weird comes from Japan, I swear.  Everything from USB gloves to dustmop attachments for babies…and now, the Like A Spoon Mouse. I know, computer mice are a dime a dozen.  But this one may well be strangest by dint of several key points.  One, it’s...

yoomi bottle

Yoomi Bottle Warmer Gets Milk The Perfect Temperature

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Parents out there, you know how hard it can be to get a baby’s bottle warmed just right.  But now, thanks to the Yoomi bottle, you can get the temperature of a bottle of milk EXACTLY to the right temperature. The Yoomi bottle takes up to five ounces of milk...


The Power HotSpot Provides Power Where Ever You Are


So sometimes, you’re out in the middle of nowhere, your car is dead and so is your cell phone.  At times like that you start to wish you were carrying a little lightning in your pocket.  But the next best thing just might be the Power HotSpot from Solis. The...

d3o cases

D3O Gadget Cases Offer Incredible Shock Resistance


You may remember reading here, back in March, about the D3O protective plasticine goo being used in soldiers’ helmets, but now it’s got a more mundane use–as a gadget protector. Parent company Tech21 recently launched a wide array of smartphone and laptop cases that offer between, get this, “140 and...


Playstation Store Gets Huge Boost


Okay, PS3 gamers, pay attention, because you’ve FINALLY got a response to all those Xbox 360 gamers who keep laughing at you because your system has no games and is deeply inferior to theirs. See, the PS3 is getting some interesting augments that will boost its credibility by plenty.  I’ve...

netflix nokia

Nokia And Netflix: Together, As It Should Be


If you happen to own one of five kinds of Nokia phone–an E72, E71x, 5800, N97, and N97 mini phones–and you’re fond of Netflix, then I’ve got some great news for you. Netflix, just two days ago, launched a new kind of app exclusively for those five phones, that will...


The PowerZoa Remotely Cuts Off Any Appliance’s Power


Have you ever left the house or the apartment, and been struck by the sudden horror that you didn’t turn off your stove or your toaster or your television or whatever?  Yeah, I’ve been there too once or twice.  And I know some people who’ve made an entire psychological disorder...


You’ve Seen The Netbook–Now Try The Smartbook

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Qualcomm just yesterday introduced a whole new brand of Lenovo gadget that’ll blow your mind open.  Check this out. It’s called the smartbook, and it combines all the best features of a smart phone and a netbook.  Slimmer than most smart phones and able to fit in the palm of...