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audi spyder

Audi’s Spyder Hybrid Sports Cars Races Towards 128mpg


Audi’s been playing around with its electric E-tron R8 model, chopping of the roof to make it convertible and adding a diesel engine to put it in the more usable and commercially viable hybrid category. The new e-tron Spyder uses a lithium-ion battery hooked up to a couple 88bhp electric...


Germ Genie For Keyboard AntiGerm Warfare


There’s an English magazine that’s obsessed with both keyboards and toilets. It’s called Which? Magazine and it ran a study in 2008 comparing, you guessed it, toilets and keyboards. Turns out keyboards can carry five times more germs than toilet seats do, although we presume keyboard germs are less yucky....

panasonic jungle

Panasonic’s The Jungle Console Wants Your Life, All Of It


There’s definitely something sinister about the way Panasonic is trying to promote its new console by going on MTV with it just hours after its initial announcement, and having Fantasy Factory host Rob Dyrdek promise to write a jingle about the device. Why sinister? Because the sole purpose of “The...


William Ultrasonic Humidifier Is Very Handsome


Winter is fast approaching, and with it come the staples of the holiday season. You know what I’m talking about – massive overindulgence in every habit known to man, including the turning way up of every heater in the house. But one only need to look at deserts and other...

nict 3d Sound System

NITC’s 62 Speaker 3D Sound System Better Than Vinyl


There’s talk of the NITC’s 3D audio 62 channel system, and every writer is mentioning that NITC stands for National Institute of Information and Communication Technology. What they fail to mention is that we’re talking about Japan’s NITC, because no way something as crazy as 3D sound from a sphere...

iphone at&t

iPhone Trick Gets You $30 Unlimited 3G Plan


We haven’t tested this yet, so we can’t make any guarantees about the success you’ll have with it, but it seems there’s a way to change your iPhone data plans to unlimited for $30 a month. Ok, let’s take a little breather now, because we might go missing after sharing...


BoomCase Accessorizes Modern Sound With Vintage Suitcase


Hipster accessorizing meets portable sound in San Francisco-based designer Mr. SiMo’s BoomCase series of vintage suitcases modified to contain (and show-off) speakers, batteries and headphone jacks. The suitcase sound systems can be plugged straight into an outlet, or carry on singing for 7 hours or more from a single charge....


Xbox Look Takes A 360 Degree Turn With Steampunk Mod

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While modding your console is being pushed closer and closer to being an art-form, there’s also a commercial market being created for some of the more striking end results. Among the more successful and offbeat ones we’ve seen are a PC case mod inspired by Doom 3 and a Playstation...


Never Buy This For Your Kid. Never. (video)


Cost of making your kid impervious to bullies? $21,600. Possible cost to society resulting from outfitting a young boy with a Japanese built 400lb hydraulic mech-suit? Does not compute. Children are not the mellowest of creatures, and boys especially are given to nightmarish fantasies and terrifying outbursts. So we must...


Dell’s Looking Glass Tablet Leans Heavily On Digital TV


Dell’s plans for larger tablets are materializing, and a leak tonight brings news of the Looking Glass – a 7 inch tablet that’s slated for November. At its heart will be NVIDIA’s Tegra2 dual-core processor, 4GB of internal memory and a generous 4GB of DDR2 RAM. The Looking Glass is...


Sony Pocket-Size E-Reader Close, No Cigar

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Sony is feeding on scraps at the e-reader table, and their compact PRS-350 is not going to change anything about that. What they were going for was a travel-sized idiot-proof e-reader to win over people who don’t already own one. What they ended up with was a device that gets...