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Google Glass

Oprah, Bieber Chosen as Cyborg Guinea Pigs for Google Experiment (humor)

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Google Hand-Picks $1500 Buyers of Google Glass Cyborg Beta The words “surgical insertion” are not usually greeted with open arms … and, well, minds. However, at Google headquarters Thursday, 8000 individuals showed up for orientation, sizing, and “interference abatement” for the first beta version of Google Glass Cyborg (GGC), the...

Defiance title card

Defiance Game Winner Will Produce 2nd Season of TV Show

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Side Mission Contest a First for Entertainment — New York, NY Today Syfy announced that the second season of the Defiance Syfy TV show will be produced by the most dedicated player of Trion Worlds’ video game of the same name. By studying the game’s terrain thoroughly, one lucky player...


New Samsung S4 Apologizes for its “Elephant Man” Appearance


Successor to the Popular S III Phone Feels “Awful” and “Shabby” Next to HTC One Samsung is scrambling to fix and explain a glitch in the new Galaxy S4 that is causing it to apologize for its lackluster appearance – especially compared to the HTC One – when new users...

Posing young woman with tennis racket, white background

Zappos CEO’s Project 100 to “Rescue” 100 Sex Workers

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LAS VEGAS (GR) – The Downtown Project, a Las Vegas-based urban revitalization firm headed by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its transportation initiative, Project 100. Prior to the announcement, the project – billed as a full transportation service for its members – had included...