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HTC One Mini to hit AT&T stores exclusively Aug. 23


AT&T has announced the HTC One Mini, a more compact version of the HTC One, will be available exclusively from AT&T starting on Friday. The HTC One Mini’s screen is a smaller 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display at 720p/341 PPI resolution. To compare, the HTC One has a slightly larger...


Verizon Wireless to carry HTC One


Verizon Wireless customers have been waiting and waiting for the HTC One since the smartphone launched back in March. Today, a Verizon Wireless Tweet confirms the phone will be available in stores and online beginning August 22. As far as we know, the HTC One model will definitely be offered...


AT&T Next vs. T-Mobile Jump (comparison)


T-Mobile came out with its Jump upgrade plan back in April, declaring, “Two years is too long to wait for new phone.” The plan allows you to upgrade your phone every 6 months (after the first 6 months of enrollment), without having to sign a long-term service contract. Since the...

Comcast vs Time Warner

Comcast’s XFINITY vs. Time Warner Cable (comparison)

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Let’s see what happens when the two largest cable TV and multi-service providers jump into the ring. You might call this a bout between a heavyweight (Comcast’s XFINITY®) and middleweight (Time Warner Cable) when you consider the number of subscribers each provider has. As of January 2013, Comcast had approximately...

ATT Next vs Verizon Edge

AT&T Next vs. Verizon Edge (comparison)


Let’s take a look and compare AT&T’s recently launched “Next” phone upgrade option with Verizon’s upcoming “Edge” plan, scheduled to launch August 25. Both plans are geared towards gadget fanatics who want to get the newest technology as soon as released. Both companies also follow the lead of competing wireless...


AT&T Next to tackle T-Mobile phone upgrade plan


On July 26, AT&T will launch the “AT&T Next” plan that lets you upgrade your phone every year with no upgrade fees. The program will also give you a new smartphone (or tablet) with no down payment, no activation fee, and no financing fees. Sound too good to be true?...

Star Trek Skele-Treks Collection 1

Star Trek Skele-Treks figures unveiled at Comic-Con


Comic-Con San Diego attendees who are Star Trek fans, skeleton enthusiasts, or just into cool toys in general can get a first look at the Star Trek Skele-Treks universe coming this fall. The toys, from the National Entertainment Collections Association (NECA), were designed by Javi Molner of Maya Studio in...


How to Get 10 Digital Movies for Just $10 From Vudu


How’d you like to get 10 digital movies for $10? Vudu is currently offering 50% off ten or more “Disc to Digital” conversions. The online at-home service lets you turn your already purchased DVDs into UltraViolet format and store them in the cloud. Disc conversions to SD (Standard-Definition) cost $2...