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Smash Clock Lets You Vent While Off The Clock

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It's about time! There needs to be more products like this for sure. An alarm clock that's snooze/off button reacts perfectly to a clenched fist slamming down upon it. No word on pricing or manufacturer, but if this clock materializes, it will send shock waves through stress...


Apple & Adobe To Make iPhone Flash Lovechild A Reality


As most of us should know, it takes Flash programming to bring many of our favorite websites to life. So it's no surprise to iPhone users, that right now, the iPhone doesn't support Flash in its Safari browser. That should soon change. Adobe, the creators of Flash,...


Netflix Streaming Gaining Ground On Mailed DVDs


Ahh, when the mailbox is just too far to walk these days. And mine's attached to my house! Only in America. With a 45% 4th quarter revenue increase amidst poor economic conditions, Netflix is beginning to cultivate buying power with the all major movie studios that will...

Fallout DLC Bugs

Fallout 3 DLC Crashed My Xbox 360!


Originally I was going to post on how cool I thought the new content for Fallout 3 was. If I could play it! About 20 minutes into the new content, my Xbox crashed. Three more times it crashed before I deleted the content and redownloaded it [...]...


GameBoy Advance CuffLinks To Change World…


Or at least make fanboy's have to change their pants. Not much to note about these awesome accessories, except that they are limited edition and come with a mini copy of a Super Mario Brothers game cartridge. Shouldn't there be two? Now if only fanboys could...


Gadget Review: i2! AudioWear Lanyard Style Earbuds


Nowadays, earbuds are everywhere, and it's not only about sound anymore. Features are a huge selling point, and the i2! AudioWear Lanyard Style EarBuds attempt to carve out their niche in the market by integrating a lanyard system. I'm glad that companies are finally starting catch on to...