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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This Holiday


Is it safe to say that we should expect a Call of Duty game every year now? I hope so. Activision Blizzard has announced the next installment of the series with the follow up to 07's Modern Warfare to be released this holiday[...]...


Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feeds

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Living vicariously through celebrities has always been an American infatuation. Even my mom has Perez Hilton bookmarked. Now the microcosm that is Twitter lets you get even closer to celebrities without having to dumpster dive for Keith Richards' blood transfusion leftovers. Here's the top 10 Twitter celebrity...


Apple App Store Lets You Write Your Own Stimulus Plan


The only code I know is that Contra code.  For the first time ever, solo programmers can achieve some staggering sales numbers through Apple’s App store which has already surpassed over 20,000 apps.  Ethan Nicholas wrote a tank game called iShoot, and now he makes around 37,000 dollars a day. ...


Sony’s New Movie/Game Disc To Save The PS3?


I have a PS3 but I don't buy PS3 games. I use it to watch Blu Ray movies from Netflix. Sony's latest last ditch effort is to utilize the large capacity of the Blu Ray Disc by combining a movie and a game on one disc. Sitting...

P1 Projector

AAXA P1 Pocket Projector: One Letter Away From Not Cool


I can't wait until talking s**t about Madden at a convenience store turns into a pigskin brawl on the quickiemart wall in the parking lot. Soon enough I hope. With all these mini projectors popping up everywhere, it's likely we'll soon see them in practice on the streets....


Simon Says This Alarm Clock Sucks!


At least that's what Simon Cowell would say. Last week I posted on a sweet grenade alarm clock, but here we have the total opposite. Requiring you to hit the buttons in accordance to the sequence of flashing lights to turn it off, this could be one of...


Stimulate This! Paid Android Apps Later This Week


I read this decent article in Wired about GPS apps that will change the world, and I must admit that Android will have some cool stuff. The biggest selling factor for me is that applications can run in the background whereas an iPhone cannot. On an iPhone, using...