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Zip Mini Touch-n-go Review


One thing I have to deal with in this line of work is having an ungodly amount of chargers plugged in to keep my things powered up.  For example right now on my desk there is two PS Vita plugs, three tablet plugs, an iPhone plug, and two plugs for...


Armored Core V Review (PS3)


I love a good mech game.  I played the hell out of Chromehounds back in the day – probably longer than anyone on my friends list.  I played Mechwarrior with friends that I grew up with.  Heck I even bought the giant crazy controller for Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion...


Ninja Gaiden 3 Review (PS3)


Ninja Gaiden games have always been known for certain things.  For starters, there’s the unapologetically brutal difficulty – this has kept the series appeal rather limited to the extremely hardcore crowd.  Then there are the decapitations and eviscerations – nothing is more satisfying than being able to watch your enemies...


GT Laguna Bicycle Review


I’ve been focusing on men’s bicycles in all of my reviews – pretty much because I am a man myself – but I haven’t forgotten about the fairer sex.  When I got in the GT Laguna, I had planned on just having my significant other ride it and keep a...


Ridge Racer Review (PS Vita)


Why Namco?  Why did you have to go and do this?  I had heard the stories, but I didn’t want to believe them – so I ordered Ridge Racer from Amazon because what I had been hearing couldn’t possibly be true.  We had so many good memories together, and Ridge...


GreenSmart Mandrill Laptop Backpack Review


I’ve done a few other backpack reviews, but this will be my first on one that calls itself “green”, so how exactly is a backpack green?  Well in the case of the Mandrill, all of the fabric both inside and out is made from 100% recycled bottles.  Yes, you read...


Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Review (PS Vita)


There are only a few download only titles for any system that I really consider worth getting – it may just be because I’ve had to sift through so much crap on the iPhone App store to find something good that I became numb to downloaded games, but I haven’t...

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Box Art_0

Mass Effect 3 Review (Xbox 360)


Mass Effect 2 was one of the hottest games last year, proving that not all sequels have to suck.  It was the perfect telling of the classic Space Opera, and everyone had hoped that Mass Effect 3 would be able to build on the fantastic groundwork that was laid and...

10470Reality Fighters Logo

Reality Fighters Review (PS Vita)


Although there are two fully functional fighters that went out with the Vita when it launched (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend and Marvel vs Capcom 3), these were not anything exclusive to the Vita.  Leave it to Sony then to ensure that Vita owners everywhere can have a fighter that only...


Unit 13 Review (PS Vita)


Unit 13 is the first full fledged third person shooter for the PS Vita – yes Uncharted has shooting elements, but that isn’t the core of the gameplay there.  Since the developer is Zipper and they’ve made amazing third person shooting games for quite some time, people will go into...