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nexus 7 vs ipad mini retina

iPad Mini Retina vs. Google Nexus 7 (spec comparison)


Apple debuted the iPad Mini with Retina Display on Tuesday, and it’s already making waves with gadget fans, from the typical early adopters to wait and see crowd.  Compared to other tablets in the same category, the new iPad Mini Retina stands out as the most robust of the bunch,...

iPad Mini Retina

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Apple’s iPad Mini Retina (list)


At yesterday’s Apple Event, one of the most anticipated updates happened to be kind of a letdown.  Now granted, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, when first introduced, were blue-moon types of products… meaning, you only see these type of galvanizing gizmos once in a great while.  During the second coming...

iPads (upgrade)

iPad / iPad Mini: A Closer Look at Three Rumors (and a Bonus One)


Tomorrow Apple is expected to announce the 5th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPad Mini to U.S. consumers.  Already a number of rumors have been confirmed through leaks, and we can pretty much anticipate that both models will be lighter, slimmer and faster.  We’re almost dead sure that both iPads will...

Ubuntu 4

Ubuntu Launches OS For Touch Smartphones

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Ubuntu, the popular Linux-based OS for those that eschew Windows or Mac OS, has launched version 13.10 today, or as it’s known in the Linux community: Saucy Salamander.  This is significant because, unlike the Ubuntu variant for Android OS, version 13.10 is designed to expressly support a line of Ubuntu-based...


Fox News Debuts Big Area Touch Screens and “The Deck”

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Fox News may tend to favor a political party that’s behind the times, but the forward thinking technology on view at the Fox News Deck at Faux News Headquarters in New York is getting a lot of notice (and snickers here and there) from tech heads. Though it looks like the...

Pandora vs iTunes Radio

Pandora vs. iTunes Radio (comparison)


nternet radio has come a long way from hobbyists playing around with RealAudio to serious broadcasters finding it a less restrictive environment in regards to their ability to freely express themselves, Internet radio has grown to become the more commercialized playground of big tech and media companies.  The big players,...


Samsung Introduces a Curved Display

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It seems like only yesterday that Gadget Review was thinking about flexible screens… Oh, wait– it was yesterday as word got around about the possibility of LG introducing a flexible or curved screen.  Well, it appears Samsung has beaten them to the punch, announcing yesterday that they’ll soon release the...

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio Review


Tunes Radio from Apple launched last month on September 18th as an free, ad-supported streaming music service that can be accessed from all Apple devices, including all current  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV models using iOS 7.x for mobile or OS 10.7.x (Mountain Lion) and the...

Moto x vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s vs. Moto X (spec comparison)


Once again, Gadget Review takes the newly released iPhone 5S and pits it against an Android-based competitor, this time… the Motorola Moto X. The iPhone 5S, needing little introduction, has already staked a claim in the marketplace with initial shipments already sold out, and backorders piling up at the Apple...

HTC one vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S vs. HTC One (spec comparison)


Time for another smartphone deathmatch spec comparison… This time it’s the iPhone 5S versus the HTC One. The iPhone 5S is Apple’s flagship smartphone.  The iPhone 5C is for the slightly budget conscious and or, in my estimation, teenagers and young adults who crave color and plastic… it’s basically the iPhone...

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