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Felino CB7 (5)

Why the Felino Cars’ CB7 is Worth Watching (video)

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Canadian based car maker, Felino Cars, has spent four years developing a supercar, the CB7, and it looks like it has brought back from the future. Felino Cars’ CB7 Like any new supercar it is sold with the usual promise of an unforgettable driving experience, and there are several things...

Caterham AeroSeven Concept

4 Cars That Stole Autosport International 2014 (list)


Below is quick breakdown of the cars that stole everyone’s attention at Autosport International 2014 held at Birmingham NEC, United Kingdom. 1. Zenos E10 First up the Zenos E10. This is a brand new car that hasn’t even seen a stretch of tarmac yet, but I love it! The E10...

Toyota FT1 Concept (12)

Toyota FT-1 Concept Revealed


Only every once in a while do you get a true surprise debut at a motor show these days; the information is normally leaked a few days before in most cases. Meet the Toyota FT-1 concept. Toyota FT-1 Concept Debuted The FT-1 stands for Future Toyota 1. The FT-1 was debuted at...


What Makes a Good Smartphone: 10 Features You Should Look For


With a plethora of smartphones flooding the market each month, “the next big thing” always seems to be here. Captivated by remarkable features, cutting-edge designs and gargantuan specs, consumers have a lot to choose from – too much to choose from, in fact.  Yes, all of this choice can make...


How To Quit Cable And Continue Watching All Your Shows (how to)


In the wake of the CBS/Time Warner Cable dispute, many families are reevaluating their cable providers, and it’s no secret that more and more homes are foregoing their cable subscriptions altogether—last week the LA Times reported the pay-TV industry lost 217,000 subscribers in one quarter. It might seem like an...

burglar 2

What Are Rootkits and Why They Are Dangerous?

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Imagine if someone informed you that a stealthy burglar has been wandering in your house every night. You would feel anything but relaxed. Your heart would immediately quiver with fear, anxiety and anger. You yourself may be in that same situation without even being aware of it. Exceptionally dangerous viruses...


Decline of the Point and Shoot, Rise of the Smartphone Camera


The emergence of Smartphone camera accessories is a major indicator for where photography is heading. That is to say that the Smartphone has to a large degree replaced the standalone digital point and shoot camera. What consumers are concerned with now, is the footprint of their Smartphone and their associated...