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Sous Vide Supreme Review


[rating:4.5/5] If you’ve watched any kind of cooking competition show lately, you’ve more than likely seen people using a “professional” sous vide machine, and maybe you’ve been wondering what the fuss is.  Sous vide is a French term that means to put food in a vacuum sealed pouch, and then...


SCUF DareDeVl Pro Review

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[rating:5/5] As anyone who is on my friend list can attest: it had been a long time since I logged onto my 360 before doing this review. Part of the reason was because I just didn’t have the time anymore to play, part of the reason is because I’ve been...


HP ProBook 5330m Review


[rating:4.5/5] First things first: if you’re strictly a home based laptop user, the ProBook 5330m probably isn’t the best choice for you.  If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that you can bring with you places, look somewhere else my friend.  The HP ProBook 5330m designed for the business/enterprise user...


WowWee Light Strike Review


[rating:4/5] Last year at Christmas, WowWee toys was all the rage with their line of Paper Jamz toys; before that they were a giant smash with the Robosapien.  It seems like every time they put something out, it ends up being a hit – so will that same success rate...


Torch Flashlight Review

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[rating:2/5] If there’s one thing that could be said about humanity, it’s that our incessant desire to build something bigger and better than something someone else has built which caused some crazy creations. It’s from that deep pool of wanting to do things better that the Torch Flashlight from Wicked...

Bleach box art

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Review


[rating:4/5] This is my first video game review here as I’ve really been shying away from them lately.  I just don’t have the time to devote to playing everything anymore.  However when I found out that NIS of America was bring the new Bleach game to the states, I made...


Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Notebook Mouse Review


[rating:4/5] Today I’m going to talk about the little brother to the mouse I reviewed yesterday. The Smartfish Whirl Mini is supposed to be perfect for laptop users, and just as effective as the Smartfish Whirl Desktop version for keeping your hand and wrist straight while using it. So how...


RYOBI 24v Hedge Trimmer Review


[rating:5/5] When I got the RYOBI 24v hedge trimmer in for review, I was initially concerned about what I would use it for.  My house doesn’t have any small hedges of its own, and two days before it arrived my neighbor had all hedges ripped out – that killed my...


RIDGID X4 5 Piece Combo Kit Review


[rating:5/5] Every time that I get in new power tools to review, my girlfriend is happy because that means I’ll have to find something new in the house that needs remodeled or fixed up.  I said that whenever I got my first combo kit, I would remodel our front porch,...


Stem TimeCommand Review

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[rating:3.5/5] I have a very old first generation iHome by my bedside – it’s not pretty, and it doesn’t charge my iPhone, but it hasn’t failed me as a bedside radio. I knew though that the time would come that it would finally quit, and I would need to get...