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Broadwell Equipped MacBook Pro & Air Drops Up to $200


Mac fan? Want to save on a portable? Earth Day is apparently your day, because you can get either a latest gen MacBook Pro Broadwell for $1,100 or a MacBook Air Broadwell for $800. Both these machines are equipped with Intel’s latest Broadwell processor, giving you plenty more performance and...


Deals: Lenovo Y70 Gaming Laptop Drops Below $900


  Want a very gaming-capable laptop for under a grand? The Lenovo Y70 Touch hit a nice new low today and sports a Core i7 processor mated to a GeForce GTX 860M and 16GB RAM, all for under $900. It’s never been cheaper to get a year’s worth of PlayStation...

Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5262

Deals: Toshiba 4K Blu-ray Laptop Drops under $1,000


Want an Ultra HD 4K laptop that can play Blu-rays? Believe it or not, you won’t even have to pay a grand for one today if you buy from a reputable eBay seller. Today the Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5262 with 2160p screen and Blu-ray drive dropped to $950 – the lowest...


Save $14 Off Grand Theft Auto V’s PC Release


Update 5/12/15: A new 20% off code saves you $12 off GTA V. See details below: At long last, Grand Theft Auto V has finally made its way to PC. Today’s release from Rockstar debuted first on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles back in 2013, but rather than having to...

Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha Gaming PC hits lowest ever price of $399


If you’ve been tracking the progress of the Alienware Alpha since it’s release, you’ll know it’s seen several significant price drops in the last few months. Today the Alienware Alpha Core i3 hits a new low of $400 after coupon 1KHQR?2D3XRKWZ. While the specs alone may not seem that impressive...


Lenovo Y50 4K 2160p gaming laptop for $1,000


The first wave of 4K laptops is here, and they’re remarkably inexpensive for what you get. Today you can snag a Lenovo Y50 4K gaming laptop with ridiculous specs – Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and GeForce GTX 860M – all for a thousand bucks after coupon USPY5560403....

Lenovo G50-80

Deals: Core i5 Broadwell-powered laptop under $400


Looking for an up-to-date laptop that’ll fulfill basic needs with aplomb without making a big dent in your wallet? We found a Lenovo G50-80 80E501U3US laptop for under $400 that features the latest Core i5 Broadwell processor and 6GB RAM – basically a solid mid-range system rather than the typical...

Lenovo Y40-80

Deals: A $600 Broadwell Gaming Laptop & $30 Dragon Age Inquisiton


Looking for a powerful, gaming-capable laptop? The Lenovo Y40-80 80FA002BUS is just such a laptop, and today it’s under $600 after coupon USPY4CUS42. For that price, you’re getting a Core i7 Broadwell, Radeon R9 M275, 8GB RAM, and 1080p screen. Dragon Age: Inquisition is at its lowest ever price thanks...