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Top Five Laptop Labor Day Deals & Sales for 2013


It’s Labor Day Weekend as we approach the first Monday of September (that’d be September 2nd for those not keeping track), and Back to School Season is in full swing. If you’re still looking for a cheap laptop on sale during this Labor Day weekend, we’ve got you covered! We’ve...


You Better Pre-Load Total War: Rome II Because Its 35GB


[box_download]Now released! Get Total War: Rome II for only $44.99[/box_download] Wait, how big is Total War: Rome II?  If you think the size of video games are getting out of control, be prepare to bask in the giant that is Rome II. At 35GB, its one of the largest game...


Dell 15R Haswell Laptop for only $500 plus a 4K HDTV at $899


For the specs you get, today’s deal on a Dell Inspiron 15R Haswell laptop is pretty darn good. You get a Core i5 processor and 6GB RAM for $500, all in a laptop that’s thinner than its predecessor. As 4K display technology is starting its rise, there’s no cheaper big-screen...