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Dell 15R Haswell Laptop for only $500 plus a 4K HDTV at $899


For the specs you get, today’s deal on a Dell Inspiron 15R Haswell laptop is pretty darn good. You get a Core i5 processor and 6GB RAM for $500, all in a laptop that’s thinner than its predecessor. As 4K display technology is starting its rise, there’s no cheaper big-screen...


Saints Row IV Steam Key is 20% off plus Nikon D90 Bundle Deal


The game Australia banned, then censored and unbanned, Saints Row IV, released yesterday, August 20th. It starts out at $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions but only $49.99 for the Steam activated PC download… but savvy PC gamers should check out the further 20% discount at Green Man...


Google Fest: $130 ChromeBook + Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) for $200


If you need a cheap Internet surfing laptop, here it is. Acer’s eBay page today is featuring a refurbished Chromebook for only $130 with free shipping. That’s cheaper than most tablets, yet you’re getting a keyboard and a 320GB hard drive to boot. In new condition, this model would run...