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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.


De Markis Is A Camper That Unfolds Like An Accordion


Campers are, for many, generally associated with cramped, confined, uncomfortable quarters. It’s not entirely untrue, either; you’ve got to cram a lot, like people, into a relative small space, little more than a studio apartment on wheels. The De Markis, though, solves that problem handily, and does so by taking...


Quip Ensures You’ll Never Forget A Toothbrush Again


Toothbrushes are something of a pain, at least in some ways. The actual brushing is easy, but remembering to do it twice daily, remembering to do it for at least two minutes, and so on, can be something of a chore. So, if you’d like better dental health, and you’re...


Light Therapy Earbuds Make Your Ears Glow, May Help You Sleep


Light therapy is controversial in some respects, but as we learn more about seasonal affective disorder, circadian rhythms, and how we sleep, it seems that the light we’re exposed to is a rather important part of keeping yourself healthy. That said, I am mildly skeptical of Hammacher Schlemmer’s fancy new...


Bannerman Is The Uber Of Bodyguards


Very few of us actually need a bodyguard. In fact, more often than not, personal protection is more for dignitaries and heads of state than the rest of us, since we can just call the police. But, if you happen to be able to afford it, and you happen to...


The Intel Compute Stick Puts A Full PC On Any Screen


Tiny little computers on a stick have actually been around for a while. If you’ve followed Kickstarter at all, for example, you’re probably familiar with a few of them. But, until now, they’ve largely been huge smartphones, for lack of a better term. Intel is seeking to completely change that...

tread 1

The Leatherman Tread Fits A Multitool Onto Your Watchband


I admit, I’m a big fan of multitools. My keychain is festooned with them. I have them all over my house. Multipurpose little hand tools fill me with a glee about form meeting function that’s hard to explain unless you share my unhealthy taste for complicated bits of metal. Still,...


Coffee Joulies Keep Your Coffee Just Right


Coffee is beloved by everyone: It keeps us awake, flavors our ice cream, and generally serves to keep civilization up and running. But, with coffee comes problems, like the fact that it’s too hot to just quickly inhale. If you need to down your coffee quickly, and won’t just get...