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Motorola’s Nexus 6 Goes Up Against The iPhone 6 Plus


Big phones are all the rage these days, and I admit, my previous skepticism towards the “phablet” has waned somewhat as I’ve used them and found them more useful and interesting than first suggested. With enough real estate to use as a tablet but with more functionality, they’re less goofy...


Amazon Has The Best Deal On Gift Cards You’ll Ever Find


Granted that giving a gift card is roughly as creative as just stuffing cash in someone’s shirt pocket. But for those times when you need a quick, simple gift for somebody you don’t know very well, or somebody who’s given you the same book three times, they make a useful...


Quadrofoil Brings The Joy Of The Hydrofoil To The Masses


Hydrofoils are an amazing ride in how fast, fun, and utterly terrifying they are. Designed around many of the same principles as airplanes, essentially, you get up to speed and rise out of the water, speeding along on narrow wedges of metal. Quadrofoil wants to bring that exhilarating and perhaps...

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Looks… Different In First Person


Many video games pick a perspective, such as first or third-person, for a specific reason; the game’s designed around that point of view, it’s cheaper to animate a pair of hands, and so on. Some games, however, will let you switch perspectives. And still others will even shift around the...


Here’s How To Open A Padlock With A Can


We’ve all been there, at some point. We come to a locker, or a shed, or something else, and realize we’ve forgotten the combination on the padlock. Some of us just sigh, set aside ten bucks to buy a new one, and break out the bolt cutters. But the more...


Microsoft Gets Into The Smartwatch Wars With Microsoft Band


Generally, if one tech company gets into a market, the others will follow in fairly short order. If somebody’s got a smartwatch, therefore, everybody’s got to have one. And Microsoft, it appears, won’t be any exception now that the smartwatch revolution is in full swing. Brace yourself for Microsoft Band....


Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Is Drifting Fun For Adults


Drifting had a moment in the mid-2000s, and truthfully, it does look a lot of fun in the movies. But most of us are grown, responsible adults who do not have stunt driving training, and lack the thousands of dollars necessary to learn to drift safely, forget the car to...