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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.


Elevate Makes Any Desk A Standing Desk


You’ve probably heard by now that you shouldn’t be sitting eight hours a day. Granted, standing eight hours a day isn’t great for you either, and you need to vary your position throughout the day. But not all of us have standing desks, or the room at work for them,...


NuDock Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch With Style


If you bought an Apple Watch, you now have a problem: Where to charge it? While Apple has gone wireless, that still means you’ve got one more charger to add to your ever-growing pile of charger clutter. The NuDock desk lamp, though, not only clears up the clutter, it also...


Ikawa Lets You Roast Coffee With The Touch Of A Button


Coffee nerdery has many levels. Some are obsessed with the technology of getting the perfect grind. Others are obsessed with finding the best flavor. Still others need to have the ideal roast for their preferred morning libation. And if you’re a roaster, Ikawa will ensure you’ve got the perfect roast,...

bruno 1

Bruno Is The First Smart Trashcan


Trashcans haven’t gotten smarter because, by and large, they don’t have to. Really they just need to hold plastic bags and the crap we toss into them. But it was really only a matter of time before somebody made the smart trashcan, so at least Bruno has the foresight to...

vaprwear 2

Vaprwear Lets You Vape Semi-Discreetly


Vaping is highly popular, both among tobacco fans and… well, we all know what the technology is popular for when it comes to smokeable material. But it’s not like you can just truck in your vaping tools in many places, so if you want to vape in places that maybe...


Here’s How To Crack A Combination Lock Quickly


Combination locks aren’t necessarily the safest thing in the world. We all know this, but we settle for using them because, obviously, they’re better than nothing. Or, well, so we thought. But it turns out that they’re not quite as secure as we thought, as we’ve found out thanks to...

squeegee 2

Somebody Finally Put A Vacuum In A Squeegee


If you’ve ever had to clean windows, you know what an aggravation that particular “beloved” chore happens to be. It’s messy, it’s easy to get streaks everywhere even if you’re the fussiest person possible, and it’s generally an unpleasant task you wish they’d just invent a robot for already. And...