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Alcoho-Lock Keeps Drunks Off Their Bikes


Some cyclists are surprised when they get a DUI from a police officer while cycling drunk. But there’s excellent reason for that: Drunk cyclists have impaired reflexes, longer reaction times, and less awareness of the world around them. In other words, they can pretty easily get run over, especially late...


Does Windows 10 Really Destroy Your Privacy?

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You might have heard that Windows 10 is a “privacy nightmare.” People are angry! People are refusing to upgrade… well, OK, whenever there’s a new version of Windows, people always refuse to upgrade for whatever reason, but this time it’s privacy. But how much of it is internet terror, and...


Gnarbox Lets You Edit Video Without The Computer


Video is becoming more and more central to how we live our lives. In turn, that means shooting and editing video is becoming a day-to-day skill set. But if you don’t want to bring your computer on your surfing trip, and who could blame you, that means hoping your cards...


SparkBlocks Brings Modularity To Speakers


If you’re not an audiophile, speakers can be intimidating, or even infuriating. Maybe you don’t care about woofers and tweeters, and just want an all-in-one speaker that doesn’t suck. Maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on desk speakers, but your choices are either discount-bin beige junk or overpriced...


Ozo Is Nokia’s Bid To Create A VR Camera


VR is having another cultural moment, thanks to the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. But there’s a question about how video professionals and Hollywood types will film a movie where you can look around in 360 degrees. It turns out that Nokia, or the parts of it that weren’t...

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The Thermopot Is A Classier Way To Carry Your Soup


Ah, the thermos. It’s a classic way of hauling around hot and cold things you want to eat later. But it’s not exactly ideal for everyone or every situation. Sometimes, you don’t just want to bring soup to work. You want to bring a little class along with it. So,...