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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.


Bubl Is The First True 360-Degree Camera


Panoramic cameras, even “spherical” cameras, aren’t really anything new. In fact, we’ve been building, testing, and playing with them for years now. But, they can always improve, and the Bubl might actually be an enormous step forward, for a fairly simple reason; it doesn’t have a blind spot. Coming From...

stirio 1

Stirio Keeps Things Moving In The Kitchen


If you cook at all, you often discover that you’re in need of a third hand. And there are many different ways you can get that third hand, but the Stirio in particular stands out as a useful way to get things moving in the kitchen, especially if you need...


Ear-O-Smart Is The First Smart Earring


We have a lot of smart stuff on our wrists, these days. Smart watches, bracelets that tells us when we have texts, and a whole host of other tools. But what about our ears? Could we use a smart earring? At least one person thinks that we could, and they’re...

vipp shelter 1

The Vipp Shelter Brings Design To The Steel Home


It’s fairly common, at this point, for shipping containers to be converted into an environmentally friendly home. But Vipp has decided to take the repurposed home as inspiration and taken it to new heights with a structure that offers all the benefits of recycling the containers, with a lot more...

nano drone

The Nano Drone Is An Adorable Tiny Quadcopter


Few of us genuinely need a drone. Aside from a few industries, scientific research, and spying, most of us just want a drone to fly around and have a little fun with, possibly terrorize the cat. Fortunately, for those of us who just want a small flying toy to play...


Thanko Has The iPad Stand For The Busiest Commuter


If you’ve got an iPad, and you ride public transit, you know it’s hard to mix the two, especially when you’ve chosen to stand both to burn a few calories and surrender a seat to the nice pregnant lady, unlike the jerk you were sitting next to. Fortunately, the endlessly...

spin remote 1

The Spin Remote Lets You Control Everything With A Twist


If there’s one control scheme that has a surprising amount of nostalgia around it, it’s the dial. People love dials; they may never use them anymore, but that’s only because the button is easier to program for in the digital age. But, some people miss the dial so much, they’re...