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Thingk Adds Class To The Internet Of Things


“The Internet Of Things” is a common phrase in tech circles, these days, but like the kind of person who uses “disrupt” without understanding what it really means, it’s not really clear what shape this will take. Thingk is hoping to define it as natural materials with a smart interior....


CENTR 360 Video Camera Will Hold


It’s an exciting time for video right now. Advances like Lytro are changing how we think about still photography, and the sudden proliferation of 4K means better videography and film are cheaper and easier. CENTR stands out, however, not least for what it delivers… namely 360-degree video in a small...

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Meet The iPhone Lighter Case. Really


If you’re a smoker, or spend time with a smoker, you have known the pain of a lost lighter. Fortunately, this being the twenty-first century, there’s a solution to that. And no, it’s not a vaporizer, it’s installing a lighter in an iPhone case. iLight The SuperNova, as it’s called,...


The Crash Catcher Is A Two-Way Dashcam


If you live in the US, the term “dashcam” probably only comes up in your daily conversation when it’s combined with the words “Russian” or “holy crap, did that car just get totaled by a dump truck full of manure?” But in truth, it’s a good idea to have one,...


Get Out Of The Woods With FireKnife Survival Knife

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If you’re a nerd like me, you like to be prepared. I have three multitools on my keychain that do everything from pull nails to pop bottles, and I’m always looking for the next addition to my set of tools. Fortunately for me, you can’t hang a FireKnife off a...


The “Forever” Lock Is Completely Unpickable (Video)

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One of the problems with locks is that in the long run, they’re fairly easy to open if you know what you’re doing. That’s especially problematic for cyclists, who often find themselves short a bike when a quick picker is in the area. The “Forever” Lock is built to stop...


6 Cinematic Reasons To Get Excited For The Blackmagic Ursa (List)


Blackmagic used to be mostly known for their color-grading software. But over the last few years, the company has gone into the camera development business and delivered some shockingly high-quality cameras. And their latest might just be their best, and most important, yet. 1. It Puts Professional 4K Filmmaking Into...