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Jyrobike Is As Easy As… Well, You Know


True confession time: As a kid, learning to ride a bike was the worst. I eventually got it, but a tendency towards being a bit timid and afraid of hurting myself combined with the fact that my bike was thirty years old and poorly maintained made learning a miserable experience....

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Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker Is A Party In Your Pocket


Music is becoming more and more integral to our lives. As streaming services, digital downloads, and other ways to hear what’s new fill up our smartphones, one question remains: How are you going to play party tunes? Fortunately, Logitech has a pretty good solution for filling a room, not just...


MOTA Smart Watch G2 Puts Your Phone On Your Wrist


We all hate digging through our bags and backpacks to try and find where we left our phones. The smart watch has been an attempt to solve that problem, and MOTA may have the most stylish version yet. Functionality On Your Wrist One of the fundamental problems of smart watches...


The Klax Puts An Axe In Your Pocket


If you’re outdoors for any extended period of time, you need an axe. That’s not just marketing hype, either; axes have been useful tools for humans for thousands of years. Of course, you can’t always just throw an axe into your duffel bag, or you may have weight concerns with...


Samsung Debuts Tizen In… Russia, Of All Places


Handset makers have been worried about the dominance of Android for a while. It’s not so much the quality of the service, but rather the fact that it’s Google-centric, and they would much rather you use their services instead of Google’s. Samsung’s effort to make that work will be Tizen…...

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5 Things We’d Love To See At WWDC Today (List)


Today is Blogger Christmas, otherwise known as the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote speech. This is where Apple rolls out new software, new toys, and other fun stuff that we’ll spend most of the rest of the year covering. And, just like any other Christmas, we’ve got a wish list. 1....