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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.

Flint Laces Turn Your Boots Into A Multitool


I’m obsessed with multitools, even though I don’t need them and I’m not a survivalist. There’s something about creating maximum efficiency out of what was once wasted space that just makes what is apparently a boring nerdy engineer who lives inside me enormously happy. And yes, that extends to shoelaces....

LightMode Helmets Make Safety Awesome


Motorcyclists have a tough image, but in reality, they’ve got to drive carefully, especially at night. The sad reality is in the battle of car vs. motorcyclist, the car wins, every time. Visibility becomes crucial, especially at night… so why not make it awesome? Tron Every Day Essentially, LightMode is...


Air Pakk Turns From Pack To Pillow


Wherever we go, we have a few things we need on us at all times. One of those, more often than not, is a pillow. But how do you carry your stuff and a pillow as well? For Air Pakk, the answer is “inflation.” Pillowy Goodness The Air Pakk is,...


Elephant Steady Keeps Your iPhone Video Smooth As Silk


If you’re on YouTube at all, two things stand out. The first is that the iPhone might be the single most popular method of filming spontaneous action as it happens. The second is that most people don’t understand that they wobble like a Jenga tower when filming video on their...


The Hug Makes Sure You’re Hydrated


Hydration is important to you as a person, but how do you know you’re getting enough water? Most of us just wing it, drinking what we can throughout the day and hoping the coffee we’re swilling doesn’t dry us out too much. The Hug, however, wants to take the guess...


MaxMyTv Turns Your TV Into A Command Hub


As we stuff more and more technology into our homes, it becomes clear that we need to simplify and consolidate in our lives. Not by buying less stuff, we’re not barbarians. But rather by buying more stuff that gives us the ability to control all the stuff we buy. Which...


GoRigIt Combines Your Two Favorite Cameras


The GoPro has redefined film and video. The little guys are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. Similarly, iPhones are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. And now, somebody has finally come up with a way to effectively combine the two. iGoPro The Gorigit is essentially a way to combine your two...


Silencerco Somehow Silenced A Shotgun (video)


If we’ve learned one thing about firearms from video games, it’s that shotguns are loud. You aim, you pull the trigger, and KATHOOM! Well, maybe not “KATHOOM!,” but you know what we mean. It seems like something you couldn’t muffle… but somehow, Silencerco has pulled it off. Silence Is Dangerous...