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The Airdog Drone Follows You No Matter Where You Go


Everybody wants a drone these days, especially if they’re a videographer, and there’s good reason for that. Drones are an extremely flexibly photography platform, and especially for extreme sports allow you to get the kind of “helicopter” shots that were once the sole province of pros with… well… helicopters. But...


CoeLux “Skylight” Brings Sun To Dark Places

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Seasonal affective disorder is a very real phenomenon, and it can seriously mess with your head. In extreme situations, it can be crippling or even fatal. CoeLux, though, has a solution, and it involves a “skylight” with a clever idea. Soak Up The Sun It’s not a true skylight, of...


Soon, Your Fridge Will Run On Magnets


The basic refrigerator hasn’t changed very much in the last fifty years. It’s still essentially a cabinet with a lot of pipes and hoses in the walls, most of which are full of toxic chemicals that aren’t great for the environment. Scientists, however, have found a new way to keep...


Hewlett Packard Is Building A Completely New Kind Of Computer


Currently, everything on the Internet, including this article you’re reading, is at the mercy of the functioning of data centers. These are enormous ranks of machines, one on top of the other, handling enormous amounts of data and memory. And Hewlett Packard wants you to rip them all out and...


The Portable SIM Card Makes Switching Phones Easy


Ask anybody who’s spent far too much time trying to get that tiny little tray open with a paper clip; switching out SIM cards on modern phones is an enormous pain. And it’s not just annoying for consumers. Manufacturers would also like to take the SIM card out of the...


See The Sabertron In Action (Video)


Recently, we told you about the new Kickstarter taking the nerd world by storm, Sabertron. But one thing we didn’t have was a demonstration of the Sabertron in action. Fortunately, this injustice has been corrected. Warriors Of The Foam First of all, a quick recap for those too lazy to...


The Moto Stream Brings Back An Old Google Idea

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Of all the results one expected out of Google’s brief time owning its own cellphone company, this decidedly wasn’t one of them. One of Google’s early stabs at a physical product has been reshaped and is now being sold by the company it just abandoned. Now You’re Just Some Company...