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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.


The NES30 Brings Old-School Control To Mobile Gaming


Let’s face it, for most gamers, the controller never, ever got better than the original NES. Square, solidly built, with a pleasing weight to it, the NES controller is, for many, the defining controller. And now you can use it on your iPad, at least until Nintendo deploys its stable...

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Vapshot Lets You Turn Liquor Into Vapor


You may have heard of “smoking” alcohol, the idea that instead of drinking alcohol, you inhale it, which still gets you drunk but supposedly doesn’t put any more calories into your diet. While the jury’s out on whether that’s the case, it’s still popular, and the Vapshot is designed to...


Slingbox’s New Hardware Makes Watching TV Anywhere Easy


Amid the hubbub surrounding the Supreme Court shutting down Aereo and arguments over the future of television, Slingbox has kept on putting out devices that let you watch your TV where you want to. And their latest devices will fill the gap you have now that Aereo’s gone, especially if...


Funnell Combines A Backpack And A Jacket


If you’re somewhere rainy and you have to commute, you know all too well the annoyance that comes from having to lug both a backpack and your jacket, let alone ensure that your jacket covers your backpack so nothing crucial in your bag gets soaked. But what if you could...


Biohazard Knives Are Built To Take Down The Zombie Hordes


It’s an axiom everybody who read the Zombie Survival Guide cover to cover knows in detail: Namely, that blades don’t need reloading. But, if you happen to think the undead hordes appreciate style, there’s a set of blades handy for you to take them down with. Right In The Brain...


Want HBO Without Cable? It’s Possible!


Many, many people are considering cutting the cord. And, as cable bills spiral ever upward and cable companies plan to merge their terrible customer service departments, it’s becoming more and more tempting. But what about HBO? Who wants to wait to watch Game of Thrones? Well, there’s good news on...


Mybell: A Bike Horn And Light That’s Customizable

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Bike horns and bells are pretty straightforward in their design; they’re not built to reflect your personality, they’re built to catch the attention of people around you so that you don’t plow into them. But, of course, we live in a customizable age, and it was only a matter of...


Soundsight Headphones Record Everything Around You


As technology advances, we’re essentially stuffing microphones and cameras into pretty much everything, whether it’s appropriate or not. On the other hand, they do make sense for headphones. In fact, it’s surprising that it took this long for Soundsight headphones to come along. Videophones? It’s a fairly simple design, really....


LeapTV Crosses A Kinect And A Wii


It’s a constant question: How can we get kids to exercise? Unfortunately, the proposed method of using a whip was decided to be a little too cruel, so instead we’re motivating them with video games, specifically the LeapTV. Jump! Essentially, Leapfrog, who you might remember as a company that turns...

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