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Apple Upgrades The iPod Touch Ever So Slightly


Hey, remember the iPod Touch? No? Hard to blame you. Apple’s “iPhone without the phone part” hasn’t exactly been one of their focuses as the company has found selling tablets and improving the iPhone to be far more rewarding. But it did finally remember it sells these things, and gave...


‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Debut A New Trailer


This summer, all the cartoons you loved are coming to cineplexes. And that includes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, albeit in a way and a form that you may not be familiar with. These aren’t “our” Ninja Turtles. Well… to some degree, anyway. Do You Like Turtles? As you might...


CreoPop Is A 3D Pen Without The Burning Risk

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As 3D printing and desktop manufacturing become more common, 3D pens are going to be in more and more workshops and desk drawers. So why not, argues CreoPop, use the one designed to offer all the benefits, and none of the potentially agonizing burns? 3D Without Heat 3D pens are...


Gamevice Puts Hardware Controls On Your iPad Mini


Mobile gaming is becoming more complex as a genre and moving away from the kind of AAA console gaming that requires a controller. Well, for the most part, anyway; some people are looking for a controller for their mobile device, and the Gamevice is built to bring it to your...


Google Glass Becomes A Gunsight


Oh, this won’t be controversial at all: Tactical sight company Trackingpoint has decided to make Google Glass an accessory to their networked sights, allowing you to, in theory, fire around corners and otherwise put a bullet where normally you’d need an elaborate tool to do so. High Aims It’s actually...

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The Recon 6 Combines A Multitool And A Watch


If you’re like me, you like being prepared. I go around with several tools on my keychain, mostly because while I don’t need wire strippers or a wrench every day, I need them just often enough to keep them on me. But some people want to be a little more...


Lavazza Is Going To Fire An Espresso Machine Into Space


If anybody could use a cup of good, strong coffee, it’s an astronaut. But it’s incredibly hard to get a cup of good coffee in space. Fortunately for the pioneers of the final frontier, Lavazza will be sending up an espresso machine. A Better Cup Of Space Joe Currently, astronaut...


Sharp’s Free-Form Display Lets Your TV Be Any Shape


When we say “television,” you probably think of a large rectangular solid of some sort. And that’s pretty normal. While TVs have gotten thinner and broader over the last few decades, they’ve largely stayed rectangular. Sharp’s new Free-Form Display, however, can be any wacky shape you imagine. An Engineering Challenge...