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pebble time round

Pebble Finally Gets Round


Pebble launched the smartwatch a few years ago, and everybody immediately thought “Man, that would be amazing if it weren’t so ugly.” Seriously, most smartwatches are ugly, thick squares. Even the round ones are a little clunky. Fortunately, Pebble has realized that thin and round is the way to go,...


The Icebreaker Lets You Get Rid Of Ice Cube Trays


Ice cube technology hasn’t really advanced very far in the twenty-first century. We’ve basically made silicon cube molds and discovered how to make it so we all get those fancy spheres of ice to put in our whiskey. But come on. Ice cube trays suck. There has to be a...


Sharp Has Made An 8K TV With Nothing To Watch


Television manufacturers are being squeezed, and squeezed hard. It’s not just the fact that most of us don’t need to upgrade our HDTVs that’s hurting them; it’s the fact that increasingly we stream video over our phones and on our laptops, and that we don’t need 4K displays to get...

sleepsense 1

Sleepsense Wants To Help You Get Better Rest


Sleep is something we all need, but increasingly we don’t get enough of. Whether it’s too much work, too much coffee, too many social engagements, or, you know, something actually medically wrong with you, we’re not getting as much sleep as we need. Needless to say, technology can come to...


Dell’s XPS 12 Is An Attempt To One-Up The Surface


Microsoft’s Surface, when it arrived in 2013, was seen as a bold move by a company normally defined by playing it safe. But it was also a hard sell to Microsoft’s more conservative corporate audience, and many thought it was just too advanced and that it’d need time to find...


Amazon Prime Now Allows Movie And TV Downloads

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Streaming video is great, provided you have the Internet or a reliable data connection. Sadly, not all of us do, at all times, and if you’re stuck on a long flight, trapped in an airport for hours, or otherwise poorly situated, it can be a nightmare. Really, what are you...


Exploride Gives Even The Dumbest Car A Smart Brain


We’re on the verge of a revolution in automotive technology. Cars are becoming intelligent at a shocking rate, ranging from tools like built-in GPS to syncing up with your phone to offer you better streaming music, to more complex diagnostic tools that will really let you get under the hood...

zagg 1

Zagg Is A Folding iPhone Keyboard You’ll Actually Use


Tablets are great for casual browsing, whether it’s a lighthearted game of Alphabear or poking through the Internet to discover just who the heck that guy on Law & Order actually was. But they’re not so great for the hardcore writing, coding, and general work you’ll do, which generally demands...