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Ozo Is Nokia’s Bid To Create A VR Camera


VR is having another cultural moment, thanks to the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. But there’s a question about how video professionals and Hollywood types will film a movie where you can look around in 360 degrees. It turns out that Nokia, or the parts of it that weren’t...

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The Thermopot Is A Classier Way To Carry Your Soup


Ah, the thermos. It’s a classic way of hauling around hot and cold things you want to eat later. But it’s not exactly ideal for everyone or every situation. Sometimes, you don’t just want to bring soup to work. You want to bring a little class along with it. So,...


Znaps Make Every Smartphone Cable A Magsafe Cable


Magsafe cables are a great idea… a great idea that not even Apple really implements fully. For those unfamiliar with Apple’s little design touches, a mag-safe cable connects not by seating in a socket, but by magnetically docking with your computer. So if you trip over it, the cable comes...


Fresh Beer Only Is The Only App Beer Nerds Need


If you love beer, you quickly discover that something that should be simple, namely the appreciation of fermented grain, is a complicated, messy business. Styles and marketing terms become interchangeable; breweries are bought out by other breweries; styles rise and just as quickly retire. And, most annoyingly, most breweries won’t...

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China Gets Air With Its First Jetpack Flight


The jetpack is still largely a matter of fiction for most of us. But not to the Chinese, or at least they’re getting demonstrations. And they’re a pretty cool demonstration of jetpack technology. Fly Away Demonstrated by jetpack professional Nick Macomber, China’s first jetpack flight is pretty impressive. Macomber flew...