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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.


The XM42 Is The First Handheld Commercially Available Flamethrower


Few of us, if any, actually have need of a flamethrower. They’ve existed since the 900s, when a Chinese inventor came up with a fire spraying machine, and even since, they’ve mostly been used to drive enemy soldiers out of buildings and be fun but pretty much useless in first-person...

jivr 2

Jivr Is A Foldable, Connected, Chainless Electric Bike


If you live in a city, you’re probably debating getting an electric bike. But if you live in a city, you probably have nowhere to store it, and probably don’t have the time to maintain it. The Jivr is built so you can store it, and don’t have to fix...


Thermacell’s Lantern Drives Away Bugs


If you love camping, you hate bugs. Driving them away is largely the focus of camping technology from mosquito nets to deet. But driving away bugs across a large area can be tricky even if it’s enclosed and air-conditioned. Fortunately, Thermacell has a new way to keep the little monsters...


Soup3rb Heat Is A Blender That Can Heat And Puree


If you’re a home cook, you’ve probably found yourself dealing with making a soup and keeping it warm while making it silky smooth at the same time. Usually, you have to resort to a stick blender, which, while effective, does also mean you have another dish to clean and you...


Suunto Makes A Digital Watch You’ll Actually Wear


Digital watches are useful tools, but they don’t exactly have the best reputation. They’re often seen as, well, more functional than attractive, existing to tell you the time rather than elegantly communicate your sense of style. That said, not everybody wants a piece of jewelry with some gears in it...


Finally, You Can Play Cards Against Humanity Online


Cards Against Humanity is, of course, the card game of tasteless humor that’s currently enjoying a backlash as all the people who found it funny five years ago are “over it” or have some sort of political reason to dislike it now. Which is probably the subject of its own...


Finally, We Have An Eye Scanner For Our Passwords


Admittedly, most of us don’t have a great password. We tend to balance convenience with security, and that’s not the best idea. But if you need to forget your password, and you’re overly paranoid, you finally have a eye scanner to feel like you’re in a ’90s movie about hacking....


Three (Bad) Things You Need To Know About The New Macbook


Apple debuted a bunch of new things today, from an open-source medical research initiative, probably the last thing anybody was expecting it to announce, to a short exclusive window with HBO Now. But one of the bigger surprises was a new, thinner, lighter, smaller Macbook. But there’s far more you...


NVidia Gets Into The Console Game With The Latest Shield


Up until now, NVidia has largely been a PC gaming company. They build graphics cards, and that’s what gamers know them for. But, over the last few years, with the Shield portable and tablet, they’ve been attempting to get gamers off the desk and onto the couch. And now, with...


Why Is Tinder Charging People Over 30 More? Ask A Woman


It’s been a few days since the world exploded with rage that people over 30 have to pay more for Tinder’s subscription service. Four times as much, in fact. Tinder’s faced charges of ageism, which is apt, and lots of Internet rage. But the reality is, they have to charge...

sesame lock 1

Sesame Is A Remote For Your Lock


It’s a common anxiety, for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike. You get out the door, you get in the car or on the bus, and you’re halfway to work when you find yourself wondering… “Wait. Did I lock my door?” Sesame allows you to have the answer to that question...