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Voice Controlled RC Helicopter

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This voice controlled RC helicopter lets you control it without even lifting a finger. Just strap the headset on, and issue up to five pre-loaded commands like “raise”, “lower” “turn on” and “hover.” It turns left and right, and knows to head forward on its own and when it’s about...


Samsung’s New 30 & 90 Series Monitors Are HDTVs Too


Samsung’s new displays are ostensibly monitors (that’s what they’re calling them, anyway), but with built-in HD tuners, speakers and remote controls, you’re not out line calling them HDTVs too. The 90 Series and 30 Series both have 1080p resolutions, 5ms response times, and range from 21.5 to 24-inches. The best...


Listen To Your Jams Underwater With The Wavetooth Wireless Earphones


Brando’s new waterproof Wavetooth headphone system does the underwater audio thing a little differently. Other waterproof cases bring the iPod/iPhone with you, but this one might be a little safer since it stays outside the water. The Wavetooth operates via bluetooth, streaming your music wirelessly, and is waterproof to 3 meters....


Apple’s September 1st Event To Be Music Focused


Today’s earlier post about Apple’s upcoming press conference was a week off (that’s why we call them rumors, folks, even if they’re from a source like Bloomberg). No, today it was officially annoucned that next Wednesday, September 1st will be the date, and it will be focused on music. That...


Power Outlet Concept Ditches Three Prongs For USB Ports


In today’s day and age, our gadgets are increasingly being powered via cables other than standard power, primarily USB. Anyone that’s running low on iPhone power without a USB port or Apple charger in sight knows how frustrating it can be. That’s where new design ingenuity comes in. A new...


Garmin Launches Recall Of 1.25 Million GPS Units

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Garmin’s line of GPS receivers are best-sellers, so quite a few people could be affected be news of safety recall they announced today. 1.25 million nuvi units suffer from an overheating issue that could be a potential fire hazard — these include the nuvi 200W, 250W,260W, and 7xx models, and the issue...