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Gadgets At A Glance: Marvell Plug Computer


The Marvell Plug computer is a tiny, super-small computer the size of a cell phone charger. You simply plug it in the wall outlet, connect an ethernet cable, attach a USB device and you're good to go. There's no display but you can use it as a home server or...

amazon-kindle-2 Kindle 2 Available Now

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Amazon's Kindle 2 is now available for purchase at It'll cost you $359 smackaroos but it'll probably be worth it for you avid readers with a gadget fetish....


AT&T Announces Improvements To 3G In 2009


AT&T announced they’re working on improvements to their 3G network in 2009. First off, they’ll be finishing HSPA network coverage for the New York and San Francisco areas by the end of 2009. More significantly, they’ll be switching from the 1,900MHz band to the 850MHz band in major cities. Big...


Mobile Industry To Push Universal Phone Charger


Several of the mobile big wigs, spearheaded by the Group Special Mobile Association (GSMA), announced plans to push a new universal phone charger. The 17 member group, which includes Nokia, LG, and AT&T, among others (but not Apple), are committing to use the Micro USB standard on all their cellphones by January...