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nintendo wii

Nintendo Coming Out With Wii Storage Solution


By: Albert S According to Miyamoto and Reggie (the big Nintendo honchos), the Wii is to have some sort of storage solution–it’s not a hard disk but it’s supposed to be better. So what in the heck is it? Solid state, SDHC, tupperware, or maybe online storage? Who knows, but...

chilin lamp free 1080p projector

Chilin Technology Announces First Lamp-Free LED Projector


By: Albert S Chilin Technology announced the world’s first lamp-free, liquid-cooled LED projector. Say no more! they already had me at “lamp free”. It’s easy to understand my excitement considering typical projector lamps burn out after a few thousand hours and cost an arm and leg to replace. The innovative...


Cables To Go to Offer Wireless USB to VGA kit


By: Albert S Cables To Go announced a wireless USB to VGA kit that allows a PC to connect to a remote display up to 30 feet away. Couple this with a wireless mouse/keyboard and you have many possibilities. A remote desktop? A public display monitor? or how about a...


China Develops Intel Compatible Chip: The Godson-3

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By: Albert S The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) developed the Godson-3, a x86 “simulating” chip that is scalable (4 core version in 2009) and largely compatible with Intel-based applications. The interesting thing is that royalty fees are not required since the chip is simulating and...

xbox 360 versions

It’s Official: Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Price Drop


By: Albert S It’s official, folks. Microsoft drops the prices of their console packages, effective September 5th. The Xbox 360 Arcade drops by a whopping $80 to $199.99 while the standard and elite drop by $50 to $299.99 and $399.99, respectively. It will be interesting to see how the competition...

hivision laptop

The $98 HiVision miniNote Laptop


By: Albert S HiVision offers a $98 laptop that runs on Linux and features the Dragon MIPS processor, Wi-Fi, 1GB storage, 7″ screen, 3 USB ports, SDHC card reader, audio in/out, ethernet, and VOIP functionality. Not too shabby for a laptop that really does run under $100. Read more about...

sprint xohm wimax

Sprint To Launch XOHM WiMAX Network In September


By: Albert S Sprint announced the availability of XOHM this month, starting with Baltimore then moving onto Chicago, Washington D.C, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Did you catch the serious omission here? Los Angeles! Punks. Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with the technology, XOHM uses the 4G WiMAX network...

shure se102mpa

Shure Announces SE102MPA Sound Isolating Stereo Headset


By: Albert S Shure announced their budget SE102MPA sound isolating stereo headset. Listed at a cheap $99 (for Shure), these headphones feature the same passive noise isolating technology as their more expensive models. They were designed for the iphone/smartphones and include a Music Phone Adapter. Click here for their press...

google chrome

Google Announces Availability of Chrome Web Browser


By: Albert S Google announced the availability of their new Chrome web browser in beta form. Yeah, I know, it’s not a gadget but it sure seems like one with its shiny name and numerous, nifty functions. Basically, it’s a browser designed from the ground up to be extremely stable,...

blaupunkt travelpilot 700

Blaupunkt Travel Pilot 700 & 500 Series GPS Feature Live Video


By: Albert S To separate themselves from the crowd, Blaupunkt’s Travel Pilot 700 and 500 series feature live video rather than Google map type images. GPS visual instructions such as right or left arrows are transposed onto the real live video. In addition, the camera recognizes speed limit signs and...