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Free Eye-Fi Update Ramps Up Transfer Speeds, Adds Services


By: Albert S On October 5th, Eye-Fi is set to release a firmware update that doubles the rate of transfer speeds and adds the ability to send images directly to Adoramapix or Apple’s MobileMe. The cheaper Eye-Fi units can also be upgraded to use Skyhook geotagging and online photo transfer...


Samsung MediaLive Extender To Arrive October 15


By: Albert S Samsung’s MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender is set to arrive on October 15. This sleek looking device attaches to the back of a compatible Samsung HDTV (with a HDMI-CEC connection) and streams content from a network-connected Vista Windows Media Center PC. In addition to displaying all your...


Audi Travolution Project Predicts Red Traffic Lights


By: Albert S The Travolution system, co-developed by Audi and traffic management experts, informs the driver of the time remaining until a red light turns green. It then calculates and displays the speed the car must maintain in order to pass through without braking. The project is currently being developed...

intel atom 330 dual core

Intel’s Dual-Core Atom 330 Is Shipping


By: Albert S It’s official, Intel is shipping out the dual-core Atom 330. Designed for nettops, this new processor should add some pep to your applications. Specs include a 1.6GHz processing core, 1MB of level 2 cache, 8W TDP, and DDR2 667 support. Read the official announcement after the ‘leap’...


UCSD’s StarCAVE 3-D Virtual Reality Environment


The UCSD StarCAVE is a 3-D virtual reality environment that attempts to simulate virtual worlds. Basically, it’s a pentagon-shaped room with 15 rear projected walls, 2 floor screens, and stereo sound, capable of recreating an ultra-sharp, totally immersive environment. It’s for scientific purposes but my first thought was, “the holy...

incharge wii charger

Teknocreations InCharge Charges Wiimotes Without Opening Cover


Teknocreations’ InCharge charging system charges wiimotes without opening the battery cover. Let me emphasize that again: it charges the wiimote through the battery cover AND the wiimote jacket. Well, hallelujah! Swapping batteries on a dressed up wiimote, and frequently mind you, is an exercise in pure frustration (absolute evil, don’t...

lexar wi-fi sd

Lexar’s Eye-Fi Powered Wi-Fi SD Card


Lexar released the Eye-Fi powered Wi-Fi SD card. It’s the same as the Eye-Fi Share but with the Lexar label. Simply plug this into any digital camera and turn it into a wi-fi enabled device. Now you can take pictures and copy them directly to your networked storage without plugging...

compulab fit pc slim

CompuLab’s Fit-PC Slim is Tiny, Fanless, and Tiny


CompuLab’s Fit-PC slim is fanless, wi-fi enabled, and did I mention really, really tiny? Measuring a mere 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches, this wonder of a mini PC features a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800, 256 or 512MB RAM, Audio I/O, serial port (with adapter), Ethernet, 3x USB ports, VGA...

chevy volt gps

Chevy Volt Uses GPS To Adjust Engine Use


The new Chevy Volt communicates with the GPS to determine gas use. Say you’re 30 miles from home and your Volt battery doesn’t have enough charge to get you there. The integrated GPS relays this information to the system and turns on the gas power until the batteries charge just...

zune update

Zune 3.0 Update Allows Free McDonald’s Wi-Fi Access


Great news for all you Zune users: free wi-fi access at all participating McDonald’s locations. Just think, now you can download music AND smear your shiny little Zune with your grubby, grease-laden fingers. Top it off with a king sized milkshake and you’re set for life. The update allows Zune...