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Powermat for iphone 4

Powermat For iPhone 4

Until Powermat integrates their charging system into the iPhone by offering a replaceable back, I’m not really all that interested.  But something tells me it’s a bit beyond their control since I’m sure Apple didn’t wanna form a partnership, and their probably isn’t a way to c...

Hands On With The iPhone Powermat

We just got our hands on Powermat‘s newest product, the iPhone only Powermat or as they officially call it the Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone. Talk about a mouthful. It’s the exact the same tech that we saw from Powermat when they officially launched the product sometime late last...


Powermat Expands Line, Drops Cases, Intros Battery Receivers And Car Solution

You’d think Powermat has had enough.  Afterall they’re the first major inductive/wireless charging solution on the market with massive distrubution – they’ve sold 750,000 units since launch.  But nope, they’ve got an insatiable appetite for success.  Today the company announce...

Powermat - 12

Powermat Portable Mat Review

When we saw Powermat’s offering at CES 2009 we were pretty excited.  After all, who doesn’t want to ditch the always cubersome plug in process for all their mobile gadgets.  But like most gadgets, especially those that offer a game changer to the industry, skepticism is abound.  So does the Pow...


PowerPad: PowerMat’s Arch Enemy

Last week Powermat finally went retail with their wireless charging offering, and within a few days yet another contender has emerged on the market.  From the folks at Gear4 comes the PowerPad.  It’s not clear if it too uses inductive charging, or takes a similar route to that of the Wild Charge, but...

Powermat - 01

Powermat Hands On – A Ton Of Pics And Video (video)

We just got our hands on the Powermat!  The packaging is very polished and the Powermat kit includes a unverisal adapter for all your products as well as a carrying case.  Unfortunately, they didn’t send over an iPhone compatible skin, but did manage include two Blackberry receivers, which replace th...

Powermat Mat

Powermat Wireless Charging Flips The Switch, Now Available

It’s been about 10 months since any word from the company, but Powermat‘s wireless charging solution has finally gone live. The design of the ‘receivers’ (the cases for your products that make the wireless charging possible) look largely unchanged from CES, but then again it’s...

Powermate AZ-1BT Sleek Mini Bluetooth Headset – $15 Shipped

Amazon has a great price for the Powermate [AZ-1BT] Sleek Mini Bluetooth Headset.  It’s $10 + $5 S&H = $15 shipped! Features for this headset include 6 hour talk time, light weight and 80 hour standby time.


CES: PowerMat Wireless Energy

What is it: A wireless charging solution for multiple gadgets.

Starbucks Powermat

Grab A Coffee And Charge Your Phone At Select Starbucks Shops

Starbucks is offering more perks for coffee lovers…free wireless charging stations! Sounds great, right? Walk in, get a Frapaccino and juice up your smartphone then be on your happy way. We’re totally down for it… only thing is they’re testing out their wireless charging service at ...


7 Wireless Charging Options for your SmartPhone (list)

How many times have you replaced your charger due to loss or breakage? I’ve gone through at least six cables since my 3GS. I’m using a 4S now, that’s just two devices!  Even wireless land line phones would sit on a cradle. I didn’t have to unplug it from the charging dock when I wanted […]


Sponsored Video: Watch a Monkey Wirelessly Charge an iPhone (video)

It’s so easy, a monkey’s uncle could do it– or something like that. Watch as a group of anxious monkeys intuitively power-on one of the new Duracell Powermat GoPower portable batteries. The video hilariously personifies the anxiety we–the high-tech hairless cousins–endure when...