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Boba Fett Slave I Kit

Star Wars x LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Boba Fett’s Slave I Kit Is A Must For Collectors

If you’re a huge Star Wars LEGO fan, get ready to wet your pants over the new Star Wars x LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Boba Fett’s Slave I Kit that’s filled with 2,000 pieces of awesomeness! A must add to any collection the kit is an accurate replica of Boba Fett’s Slave I...

Han Solo LEGO DL-44 Blaster (

Han Solo LEGO Blaster Now On LEGO Ideas (video)

Man, don’t you hate it when people create cool ass LEGO builds only to find out that you can’t actually go and buy them? Yeah, us, too, which is why we’re pretty pumped that this Han Solo LEGO Blaster can possibly become a LEGO product…that is, if you go and support it on LEGO Ideas...

Ultimate Collector's Series Batman Tumbler

Holy Smokes Batman! The New LEGO Batman Tumbler Is Huge (pics)

LEGO is upping their Batman set game with their Ultimate Collector’s Series Batman Tumbler that’s needed for any serious collector. Set to go on sale later this September for $200, the set has 1,869 pieces and is built to minifig scale, which means that it’s pretty big at 15 x 9 inches lo...

lego marsh

LEGO Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters Now a Reality, Sort Of

Built by Korean LEGO building team OliverSeon, the LEGO Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, as seen in the first, and as far as I’m concerned the ONLY Ghostbusters movie, isn’t available for purchase.  But at least you can enjoy some pics of the teams hard work.


Buildies Are Giant Cardboard Legos For Building Forts

It’s a common concern that kids these days aren’t learning enough about engineering. Which admittedly is something of an odd concern, but nonetheless a valid one. Brian Lilly, however, decided to do something about it by creating Buildies, the first toy fort that has structural integrity. Build...

lego utensils

Lego Utensils Are The Best Utensils

There have been many achievements in modern technology. We can fly into space for our own amusement. We have supercomputers in our pockets. We have an insane German man developing new slingshots. What we do not have is a logical way to arrange our kitchen utensils… until now. Click It And Forget It E...

The simpsons house lego set

Recreate Your Own Favorite Scenes With The Simpsons House LEGO Set

A while back, we posted about The Simpsons LEGO set being the first licensed line of LEGO minifies and now they’ve released their house as its own set. The new set has 2,523 bricks and comes with a variety of seated featured like a detachable roof, modular design, the famous family couch – even...

lego simpsons

Behold! The Simpsons Are Now Legos!

Lego has done something unprecented in its history: It’s created its first licensed line of Lego minifigs. And, of course, it’s the Simpsons who get the nod, as America’s first family. But how do they stack up compared to their cartoon counterparts? Some better than others, honestly. The ...

LEGO Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon 10179 Box

10 of the Biggest, Most Challengingly Awesome Lego Sets You Can Kill a Weekend Building (list)

In order to compile a list of the biggest and most challenging Lego sets, it was necessary to narrow down the criteria. First, the sets have to mass produced by Lego. In other words, we’re not considering any giant custom sets like the 6-meter Death Star Trench or insane 150,000 piece recreation of Helm’s ...

Sandcrawler Lego set

LEGO Announces New Star Wars Set, $300 Jawas’ Sandcrawler From “Episode IV”

It’s a good day for Star Wars LEGO set collectors – a new set has been announced! This May, you’ll be able to add the  Jawas’ Sandcrawler From “Episode IV” to your collection for $300. And boy is it worth all that cash! It boasts 3,296 pieces and comes with seven minifig...

12 Lego Sets

12 Movie-Themed LEGO Sets That You Can Buy Today (list)

For this top list we’ve compiled 12 must-have Lego sets from movie franchises. Lego calls these sets “themed,” although the term can also refer to sets such as Bionicles, Lego Castle, Lego City, etc. For this list we’re focusing only on movie-themed sets that were licensed by Lego. We’ve also limited the l...

the-new-trailer-for-the-lego-movie-is-filled-with-jokes-for-adults (1)

The Lego Movie Has A Hilarious Blooper Reel (video)

If you haven’t seen The Lego Movie, well, we just don’t know what to say to you. Go forth and see it. But you don’t need to be familiar with the plot to get why its blooper reel is hilarious. Brick By Brick For those unfamiliar, The Lego Movie is a hybrid of CGI and […]