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Xmas Deals: Roku Under $40, HP SlateBook 10 Hits Lowest Price

The venerable Roku LT (2013 version) is only $37 today at Amazon. This is easily the most popular way to add Internet streaming functionality to barebones TV sets. Easy to set up and operate, the LT only offers a 720p output, but if you have a typical 32-inch LCD/LED set, that’s all you need to [&hel...


Tegra 4 Powered HP Slate 8 Pro Quietly Goes on Sale, Priced at $329.99

For those that have been waiting patiently the Slate 8 Pro is now finally available at HP’s successor to the previous Slate 7 (which was met with mixed reception) went on sale earlier this week with surprisingly no major fanfare. Priced at $329.99, after a temporary pre-Black Friday free ship...


Tegra 4 Powered HP SlateBook x2 Coupon Slashes 5% Off the Tablet Hybrid

During the last days of July, HP jumped the gun and made available their Tegra 4 powered SlateBook 10 x2 for sale on their site – priced in at reasonable $479.00, considering it comes with a dock and is equipped with the latest Nvidia mobile system-on-a-chip. If you’ve been eyeing the tablet / ...

HP Slate 7 launch

HP Slate 7 Available NOW!

Well this ought to calm  the ruffled feathers of many HP enthusiasts. With just four days to spare, the company is making good on their promise to launch the HP Slate 7 in April. In February at the MWC, HP showed the world it’s Android-infused 7-inch tablet, the HP Slate 7. Now the company has [&hell...

HP Slate-2

HP Slate Resurrected From The Dead

At this point in the game the HP Slate is sort of old news.  And just when we thought the tablet device was dead in the water, HP goes and officially announces the product.  We’re not sure on the exact launch date and they won’t tell us when review units will be available, but we […]


Rumor: HP Slate To Run Windows 7 After All?

If you recall, we’ve been speculating on the future of HP’s Slate for a few months now, wondering if the tablet would be running Windows 7 or HP’s recently acquired WebOS. It looks like we may finally have an (unofficial) answer, as a page about the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference ...


HP Slate Still Being Released This Year, But With What OS?

With HP’s recent acquisition of Palm, rumors began flying that the HP Slate, the company’s anticipated tablet, was being delayed and retooled to run on webOS instead of Windows 7. This rumor was fueled by reports that Windows 7 was not fit for a tablet. (Battery life was unacceptable, primarily...

hp-slate-front copy

HP Slate To Be Reborn As WebOS Tablet HP Hurricane?

The HP Slate is apparently dead in the water, thanks to difficulties with Windows 7 as a tablet OS. Sources said that Microsoft’s OS was simply too power hungry for a device that’s supposed to compete with the iPad, whose custom A4 processor gives the ultraportable lots of battery life. But new...

HP Slate Nips At iPad’s Heels: Shows Off Camera, iTunes And Ports (video)

Hello, iPad. Meet your new competition, the upcoming slew of tablets from rival companies. One is the HP Slate, which has a new video out that tries to prove its superiority. The Slate’s features include a webcam, USB port, SD card port, and Flash capability, all running on Windows 7. Definitely the ...

HP Slate

Possible HP Slate Price And Specs Leaked

News hit today that the HP Slate, HP’s tablet computer, a competitor to the iPad, might cost as much as $540.  But, keep in mind that amount is derived from the rumored Euro price, a part of the world that always tends to be on the more expensive side when it comes to consumer goods; […]


PlayStation 4 Units $100 Off, HP’s Slate 7 Tablet slashed to $59.99

Want to get into the PS4 but a little short on cash? Today the retailer CowBoom (Best Buy subsidary) is selling pre-owned PS4′s for only $300, or $100 off the usual $399.99 price tag after coupon 14599752 at checkout. It’s the lowest price known to exist at a main line turstworthy retailer. All...


$380 Canon DSLR With Lens, HP’s SlateBook Tegra 4 Tablet Price Cut

The incredibly popular Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR with 18-55mm lens dropped to a new low by over $100 today via Canon. The manufacturer refurbished DSLR is one of the best-liked entry points into DSLR photography thanks to its easy to use interface and solid quality for the price. It’d be hard to find a [&he...