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Blackberry Storm 3

Blackberry Storm 3 Leaked

RIM isn’t ready to give up on the Storm just yet.  BGR got their hands on leaked images of what they’re saying is the Blackberry Storm 3.  Arg, enough already RIM. In terms of specs, and despite the model name, which has long been regarded as a mistake by RIM, this version of the device […]

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Now Official, Blackberry Storm Shivers In Fear

Update: Checkout our HTC Thunderbolt first look. Yesterday, Verizon blew the doors off CES with the announcement of a multitude high end phones.  For now, though, we’re focusing on the previously leaked HTC Thunderbolt.  Without further a due, let’s dive into the features and specs, shall we? F...

Blackberry Storm 2

Blackberry Storm 2 Now Available For $199.99

Verizon officially launched the Blackberry Storm 2 today, and despite its name, I think it is fair to say it will be overshadowed by the launch of the Motorola Droid.  Nonetheless, the device that a ton of people hated upon its first release is back for a second helping and this time around they’ve a...


Gadget Leak: Blackberry Storm 2 Launching 9/29 For B2B & 10/14 For Retail

The Blackberry Storm hasn’t exactly been the smash success that Verizon or RIM had hoped for.  As a result, they’ve spent no time denying the existence of the next iteration of the device and even sent an early build to the folks at for a hands on. Thanks to a set of leaked docum...


Blackberry Storm 2 Gets The Hands On Treatment

The folks at Crackberry got their hands on the Blackberry Storm 9559, aka Storm 2. There doesn’t seem to be any massive changes to the smartphone and the device they had was very early stage and running the current Storm OS. The most notable changes we can see right now is that the 4 buttons […]


Gadget Leak: Blackberry Storm 2 Official Pics Surface

I’m in shock and awe.  I hardly thought we’d see pics of the Blackberry Storm 2 this year let alone just a few weeks after rumors emerged about the handset.  It’s a bit difficult to tell what the major differences are between this version and the original, but if you look closely the butt...


Unify4Life Adds Blackberry Storm Support To AV|Shadow App (video)

Back in January we showed you the Unify4Life’s app & USB dongle (Play|Shadow) combination that allowed you to control your PS3 via a Blackberry.  Without a moment of hesitation, the Unify4Life team has now added app (AV|Shadow) support to the Blackberry Storm.  Since the Storm is all touchscreen ...


BlackBerry Storm 9530 Phone (Verizon Wireless) – $100 Shipped

Amazon just dropped the price on the BlackBerry Storm 9530 Phone (Verizon Wireless) [...]

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Cell Phone – $150 Shipped

Wirefly continues to offer the best price on the Net for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 Cell Phone [B001HN5BPS].  It’s the first ‘clickable’ touchscreen phone and it’s just $600 – $450 instant savings + free shipping = $150 shipped! Alternatively, Amazon has it for the same price, ...

RIM Blackberry Storm – $150 Shipped

It launched today and the Blackberry Storm will probably sell out by tomorrow if not tonight.  It’s $150 + free shipping = $150 shipped! Note, you’ll need to sign a 2 year contract to get this price.  It’s better than Verizon’s price and doesn’t require a mail-in-rebate.  And ...


Verizon Officially Unleashes The BlackBerry Storm, Costs $500 With No Contract

After endless rumors, spy videos and leaked documents, the Verizon Blackberry Storm is finally here. As expected you'll have to drop $200 after a 2-year signing and $50 mail-in-rebate. If you wanna go 1 year the Storm will cost you $270 after a $50 mail-in-rebate, and month-to-month will run you a cool $...

Official: Blackberry Storm Launch Date November 21st

Looks like those leaked documents from yesterday were either wrong, or Verizon has done a quick switcharoo to save some face. In any case, the Blackberry Storm will officially arrive in Verizon stores and on their Website on 11/21, not 11/24. As anticipated, and leaked, the device will cost $200 after a $5...