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LeapTV Crosses A Kinect And A Wii

It’s a constant question: How can we get kids to exercise? Unfortunately, the proposed method of using a whip was decided to be a little too cruel, so instead we’re motivating them with video games, specifically the LeapTV. Jump! Essentially, Leapfrog, who you might remember as a company that t...

Xbox One refurbish

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Without Kinect for $399

This may come as a surprising news for gaming fans across the globe, but Microsoft announced a Kinect-less version of their next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One. Beginning June 9th, users will be able to grab a shiny new Xbox One for $399 (£349 in the UK), making it $100 cheaper than the Kinect ver...

watch-dogs_game report 3-2

Weekly Gaming News: Xbone Drops Price & Kinect, No 1080p For Console Watch Dogs, Half-Life 2 on SHIELD, Ubisoft Super Sale (list)

What a week! Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z gets smacked around in an elevator lift by Solange, the singer and sister of Jay’s wife/popstar Beyonce. Justin Bieber is in the news again boring the hell out of unsuspecting news followers. NBA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling has successfully earned another asshat aw...

Xbox One Launch Titles

Video of the Day: Xbox One Kinect & Gameplay Tour

The Xbox One arrives November 22nd.  Black Friday to be less exact, or the day after Thanksgiving.  And while a good deal of info has been published about the hardware, what it looks like and the games that will released on and around launch, little has been unveiled with regard to just how the Kinect [&he...

Stir Kinetic Desk 3

The Stir Kinect Desk Keeps You Moving

Recently, I trashed my back; a slight fall down some stairs and your ankle turning at the exact wrong moment will do that. As a result, I could stand and lie down… I just couldn’t sit, which meant I quickly had to discover the joys of a standing desk. And I do actually highly recommend […]

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Microsoft And Ubi Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen With The Kinect

The Kinect is supposedly “just” a video game toy, but Microsoft and the hacking community have turned it into more. A lot more, in fact. The fact that Microsoft has made PC integration with the device relatively simple is only helping matters. And now, finally, we see Microsoft’s endgame:...

Xbox One: Worst Features

Microsoft: Kinect No Longer Mandatory to Play the Xbox One, Can Be Unplugged, Left in the Box

Word slipped today that Microsoft will no longer require the Xbox One’s Kinect to be active.  In fact, it won’t even have to be plugged in for the Xbox One to work.  This is an about face, as back in May, when MSFT announced the Xbox One, they said the Kinect was a mandatory piece […]

Ouya Nudroid

Ouya Joins Kinect With Nudroid Motion-Controlled Technology

Hey look, someone is helping Ouya get in motion. No, not financially and euphemistically “in motion”…  I know it’s been successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter and is actually coming to a store near you in a just a few weeks. I’m talking about forward thinking and opportunist...

Kinect 2 Screenshot

Kinect 2 Details Leaked, Screenshot Included

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Kinect sensor needs work.  If you used it, then you know what we’re talking about.  Ultimately, it lacks the accuracy and responsiveness that one would expect to make it a true gaming peripheral that can be used regardless of the game’s genre.  And th...


Nike+ Kinect Training Unveiled for the Xbox 360, Promises to get Gamers in Shape (video/E3)

So, do you wanna train like an athlete yet don’t have the time to head to the Santa Monica stairs, do a many a lap around the good old track and field, or spend countless hours in the gym working with a personal trainer?  Good news, because Nike’s Plus service is coming to the Xbox […]

Leap Motion

Leap Delivers a Kinect Experience to Any Computer for just $70 (video)

While a tactical experience on our portable devices has all but been eliminated thanks to touchscreens and virtual keyboards, the experience is anything but on our computers.  That is until now thanks to a small company called Leap. They say their product, and we quote, is “200 times more accurate th...

$99 Xbox 360

Get an Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99 Today

Last week we told you about a rumor that Microsoft was set to sell the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect for $99 with a 2-year contract?  Well folks, it’s no longer a rumor and is in fact available to any willing participant. Some things you should know, though.  You can’t buy this Xbox 360 online.  You̵...